Thursday , September 23 2021

Older to make a mistake: why do you trust so Sports news

Former tennis attacked the Graffe Demofro in the National Ridoslav Lokiveev Festival. The letter is the reason for our best tennis player to be kept in touch with the former pigs. When his body was young, his father greatly returned to Louu to play with his son. But he became a great star, hide his temper in Greetings Monte Carlo.

Here's what he wrote to Lukaev Gurgerm Dimitrov:

"Wrong, I write you here because you decided to contact someone in the previous Bulgarian training game because you did this." You say that you are a nationalist who climb for the country and the flag of the Beir flag He was proud to compete. When he was a little father, he was looking for ways to help you grow, and when he went to play with his father, he returned to me. Do you answer why big star star After that I hid me in my enthusiasm in the red carpet and stopped asking us to contact you and your father that no one is concerned with you. Must be separately training, and not it in Bulgaria? This method, how many you are leading Bulgaria is engaged in the game, your example and the way you look, what kind of example you give to the youth What do you do and Bulgaria want to be proud of you? You did not help Bulgaria in the help of Tennis in any way because you did not want to play in any other tournament with trainings or other bullets, so you 15-16 years Was old When you did something similar to money, and just because your team has headed you, the BBC and the state did not help you in any way. I read and agree freely that the nationalist you are, and the same time you do not have a week of work in Bulgaria where children and your fans can find you. Are not there Bulgaria in many people with whom you can not work and help tennis circles? An example would give you an example – a consultant of the Alarero Roger feeder, then played together and finally became Switzerland's Chief Koch and trained in the Federer National Tennis Center for the day. Do you remember that you did something like this? I am very happy about your success, but you are not the person you imagine, but you are using the state for the media for your personal purposes. "


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