Friday , September 30 2022

Slavi Trifonov provides the Maya Manol car and driver


Slavi Trifonov will provide the vehicle and driver with National Ombudsman Maya Manolov for the fulfillment of his duties. This was announced by the TV moderator at the beginning of his broadcast on Monday.

A few days ago, Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov announced that Manolova is using the NPO as "expensive taxis"Therefore, with the amendment to the Services Act, which will enter into force next year with the adoption of a new budget, the Ombudsman will be deprived of a car and driver from the NSA.

In response, Maya Manol began traveling by public transport and accepted citizens on the road. Yesterday, she boarded a bus to Stara Zagora and this morning she leaves Sofia's main train station behind Varna.

According to Slavi Trifonova, she has occupied the role of national ombudsman and must be supported.

"It's with this car so stupid annoyancethat I do not even know how to express it. The entire state budget leaned on Maya Manol's car. It is not good, gentlemen, to humiliate the Ombudsman. First, because you are state employees and secondly, you humiliate yourself and us as employers"the leader said.

Trifonov remarked that he did not want to be so humiliated in this way, just as the Ombudsman: "As a private employer and a Bulgarian citizen I will provide the Maya Manolan car and driver to do my job."

"As a state – it is us, of course we must take things into our own hands," concluded the leader.

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