Wednesday , October 5 2022

They diagnose breast cancer with a new method in "The Mother of Home" – Bulgaria


Already in Bulgaria, artificial intelligence will accurately detect breast cancer. The procedure is painless and particularly gentle for patients.

As the largest hospital for women's health in Bulgaria, Maichin Dom will be the first medical facility where innovative equipment will be diagnosed. Malignant formations that otherwise remain invisible to ultrasound can be detected.

One of the symptoms of breast cancer may be increased skin temperature. A new diagnostic device will be monitored for these deviations. Technology is evolving in Poland where readers will read the results, NOVA said.

"In a few minutes, 45 thermographic images will be created and sent for artificial intelligence analysis to the company's database." If there is no problem, within five days, we are told that there is no reason for concern and the study is negative, "said Dr. Miroslav Georgiev.

Breast cancer is the most common oncological disease in women. Every year nearly 4,000 Bulgarians are diagnosed with us. Of that, about 1400 lost the battle of their lives. Statistics show that more and more women aged under 30 now face diagnosis. The existing diagnostics of innovative equipment will not be covered by the health insurance company and its price is 60 levs.

"We have a double incidence of breast cancer in women living under stress in urban conditions," said Professor Ivan Kostov.

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