Thursday , September 23 2021

Around arrest close-up near RPM near the brakes Local | the news

A situation near Elizabeth and Sirrobrero in close proximity to 101 is followed by a suspect in custody.

Around rally firing near RCM and RCM's assault rifles are included, but no details will be given to the RCM spokesperson.

A police car and the ambulance valley are outside the Regional Hospital, but the police will not confirm that a person has brought a grenade injury.

Cpl. Jennifer Clarke said that any RMM members were injured during the stand and arrest.

There is no threat to the public since the situation, Government Nova Scotia RCMP Account is approximately 8:15 am. M.

Highway is between 101 and 16, traffic has been transported to highway traffic.

The Euphrates Valley's Euphrates said that the regional center of Voice has said that Somaratt and District Elementary School in Barwick have been closed for days.

"RCM called us and we were asked to shut down the school that is called a great event in that area & # 39 ;," he said.

Earlier the arrested classes were arrested before the arrested, he said that the school closed from 101 to 101 km north of north.

"If the school is declared as a closed, it is usually not possible to get it back." "Most of the moving parts are."

The RCM spokesman said that the highway will be closed for the day.

CERR Director Felix Chechneini said that the Surya Accident Team of the Navwara Sciences (CRRT) was called for the investigation of the issues already.

"It's a serious incident, I can not say this to the point of view," he said, researchers are coming on their way or they are still coming.

Kochin said that an investigation will be issued by a CRT, Kecchin said.

"It might be a wound because we will not investigate anything that is not the result of the contact between the police and civil society."

"Whenever, the nature of the wound has been done, to the wound and how – I'm not aware of this point."

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