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The first person to say the next Andrew, the moon is to say that it is "foolish" to plan the mission of human mission.

Talking to the BBC Radio 5 Library, Anderson, Apollo 8 pilot, the first human space flight to leave the earthquake, said that the Mars staff was called "almost funny".

Anders's opinion came to a new human mission to NASA's moon. It also wants to know future skills and develop technologies, to enable human landscaping in the future in the future.

NASA has been contacted, but has not been answered for Endorsement's response.

Anderson, 85, said that he is "a great deal of" notable "non-standard programs, which is" especially because they are very cheap ". But he added that public support was not meant to provide humans with the most valuable human mission only.

"Is it something important? Do we want to go to Mars?" He added that "I do not think the public is interested in the public."

Remote scratches have been detected. In November, the In-ight cultivator, which used to be a typical serene sample, successfully succeeded in Ecological Plantation.

In December 1968, with Anderson, Frank Borman and Jim Lailil, completed 10 minutes around the moon before closing the moon at Captain Cannoreor Flood, Florida.

The Apollo 8 process passed 20 hours a day, before returning to the Earth.

On Dec. 27, he was dropped down in Pacific, only 4,500 meters grounds from his pointing point. He was in a surveillance surveillance in the USSY Yarotot.

It was the greatest human being, who was then from his earthquake, and a major stepping stone on the historic moon of Apollo 11 passed after only 7 months.

However, according to the BBC report, it is said about pre-cyclone salon, "How was a human being on the Moon been developed since the last days of the 1960s, President of the President of the President John F. Kennedy."

"N NASAs have not been so far today. They are so happy … NASA has changed into a job programming … many centers are busy engaging in the center and not working publicly without public support. Getting money and Congress is elected. "Anderson said.

He was also delicate to decide on the discovery of this Earthquake After the completion of the Apollo Program in 1970.

"I think the space shuttle was a serious mistake, but some interest was looted, but it was never there till its promise.

"The Space Station is available only because you had a shuttle and Voice of America." NASA mistakenly mistakenly misguided the trick-in program. "

It seems that the pride of proud pride and the American military may be surprised, which still reminds me of its mission to Caliphate with great love.

In Anderson's eyes, there is nothing in the Spanish community.

"I believe that the lusts of Nova, which you have received, for me, in my mind, to justify." I'm not a famous person in the drive.

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