Thursday , September 23 2021

Chicago PR. & # 39; s Sophia left Bush, explained the exclusion of the NBC series.

Sophia Bush said more than why he chose to leave him Chicago P.D.

The actor Pd. After being played in 2017. Aryan Lindsey said candidly for four seats Shape Shade Army expert Terms of podcast that affect her happiness.

"I gave me an incredible endurance program," said Bush, as well as Epaphian with the infamous program of cure in mental health workshop. "The great part for me is a big bang for me [was] & # 39; No. & # 39; I do not know what this is, but I find out that what is happening is not good for me and to change everything.

Bush has specifically described severe weather conditions that came in Shanghai with the film. Although the authors of the ABD dramas are based on Los Angeles, Bush said that he was headed on the head and rest cast and films of exit filmmakers in winter, when he was underneath the heat. According to the actors, set on people often stayed outside for a long time.

"I have a good boy and I have been doing so much program to get a job, and there is a tabooot, which has always tried to ride me in the ship forever." The fact was that my body was like, Separately, because I was really unhappy. "

Bush had his concerns Pd. At the end of the session 3, the producers, who had given them "Notices of Notices", if they were not converted into the end of the 4th season, he would show it. (Jason Beir) was also a factory element in his resort about the usual behavior of his star.)

But the actor said that his complaints have made the first-born ones, who were surprised to see that Bush tried to investigate them on negative situations. She was run out of a seven-day international conference without taking legal action against the NBC, although she said she threatened the trial and execution of the navy. New York Times Explain why she was unhappy at the show.

"I was at the time, such as, the file public folder for the fold," Bush said. "I take a lot, but when I'm done, I've done it, like it, it's atomic."

The TV has reached NYB for feedback.

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