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Death cap mushrooms are here to stay as they correspond to new tree hosts: Experts


A meteorologist says the death-defying cap mushroom spread could worsen in the years to come.

Susan Birch, a retired provincial scientist and mushroom expert in Victoria, says the discovery of Aminita fluorides in 2016 in a local girly oak, meaning that highly poisonous mushrooms are synonymous with an army of new trees, their area and potential. The dangers of poisoning are waning.

Birch discovered the death knife on the base of a gallery oak near the Interurban campus of Camosun Colleges and while on a tour near the Douglas Fire Street. He later learned that it was a long closed nursery site that had imported the European tree.

Deadly mushrooms found their way to Victoria with decorative European hardwood roots that were imported about 50 years ago and are commonly found around English oak, shrubs, linden and hornbeams.

Birch said there are reports that the death cap is now attacking coniferous cells in the eastern United States and that California should act as alarm.

“It has been named cities [Victoria and Vancouver] Where the imported trees are for a while, ”said Birch. “But British Columbia’s Ella Conifer. It’s weird to think that this could happen. how long? I can’t figure out exactly, but it can take decades.

Chains of fungi travel underground through complex and root nile root systems and their ejaculate travels through the air. It is impossible to identify the spread speed, but when it comes to ru ru mushrooms, where there is one, others will follow.

Meteorologist Andy MacKinnon said, “Hey, coming to the death cap beverage culture is not an uncommon experience on the streets of Victoria.

And the jump in native tree species is real, he said, as death caps have already been made in California in the United States to California oak, tannock and leaves. Will start spreading. Cities. “

The spread of the death cap in Greater Victoria and the northern Galliano Islands and Courtenay Islands Health Authority and municipalities has prompted public alerts to be issued.

“These are highly poisonous mushrooms that can cause serious illness and can be fatal if eaten by humans and especially children,” the Island Health said. “They can be found in various environments around Greater Victoria, and are also dangerous to pets.

A three-year-old Victoriaboy salesman died in 2016 after wearing a death-knit collection from Victoria Boulevard, the first documented case in British Columbia when the mushroom was first found on a mission in Euro 1997. In 2003, an OKB resident barely survived cooking and eating death-deflected hats on East Downs Road. He thought they were puff balls.

At least four dogs have died after eating mushrooms, the cases have spread from Fairfield to Elk / Beaver Lake.

Death hats were first documented in 1998 in Greater Victoria. Since then, the Forestry Pathology Herbarium Database of the Pacific Center has been collected in a sample of Government Houses, from a garden, on Rich Bay Avenue, along Richmond Avenue, in the Landen Tree Uplands and Hornbeams. Close to the city parking lot, and the Crystal Gardens. They’re adding one more time every time.

The mushroom is usually yellow and yellow, but sometimes there are no green des. The cap flattened and crashed as it matured. They have a distinctive, bulbous valve or cup with a steam-based underground cap and these “skirts” below. They usually appear in the fall, but early fruiting occurred in the past this summer, probably due to the increase in water during the drought, Island Health said.

It usually has a faint, sweet-smelling aroma. Sheep cap mushrooms are sometimes confused with apple cider mushrooms such as puff balls and paddy straw mushrooms. Its toxins are stable and breaks do not occur when cooked.

Island Health says 30% of people who eat a death hat will die, and “liver transplantation is an essential life-saving process. Early treatment is important in the hospital.

The BC Center for Disease Control says nausea, vomiting and blood clots begin eight to 12 hours after ejaculation. Symptoms can then disappear and people may feel feelay for 72 hours, health officials say. Symptoms of liver and kidney damage begin three to three days after eating mushrooms.

BC’s Drug and Poison Information Center says calls for poisoning from mushrooms are raining in months and months with no rainfall.

If you suspect that someone is eating poisonous mushrooms, visit the hospital. You can also call the BC Drug and Poison Information Center at 1-800-567-8911 or 911. Keep a sample of mushrooms.

Birch said the death cap is here to stay, and public awareness is a defense.

“Getting rid of them is impossible.”

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