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Destroy NASA soldiers on new year flights


Nissa is a project to broadcast online at the ultimate solar system's ultimate solar system. Reuters
Nissa is a project to broadcast online at the ultimate solar system's ultimate solar system. Reuters

TAMPA, Dec. 24 – Esa Spacecraft is pointing to the historical history of the New Year's Day.

6.4 billion kilometers away, non-depreciation, New HorizonsThe earthquake is located on January 1, 12.33m (0533 GMT) on January 1st, on the distance of Alimona Cholera to January 3.

It's more than three times New Horizons Pulse came when flooded by flood in 2015.

So what is this strange objection, between middle middle literature, followed by the North-North Island and has its own Royal Survey, which is by the Right Gastrointe Bryan Mai?

"The fact is that the greatest and biggest objection is in the hands of the spacecraft," said Weaver, a Prostitute Scientist in Johns Hopkins Technologies Apply Physics Lab.

Smaller, scientists are not sure about its true measure.

But they are sure that it is a tire of about 100 times a plot, which is approximately 2,414 kilometers away.

Almea Chol is also in cold areas of space, which shows that it is well-preserved.

"Really, this is a provision from the solar system," said Weaver.

Ultimately a throat is in Captain Belt, a broadband disc over the first time the set has been set.

Caliphate sometimes calls the "Atak" of the solar system.

Scientists did not know how to do, since 1990.

The Captain Belt starts at 4.8 billion kilometers from the Sun, from the earliest to the nipotype, which is the largest set of sun-to-peak.

"This typical billions meet comrades, the linen alias, such as Planesesimals, are drawing a throne made from the building, and like a flat-eyed-colored, a brush-like platform." Physical, on principal investigations New Horizons.

"It is important in us that we are in science science because the region of solar system is far more than the sun, save four basic features of four years earlier than four terms.

"When we fly by Almaima, we are looking at the initial things on the road."

Sindh New Horizons Space plan is at a speed of 51,500 kilometers per hour, which travels about 1 miles away every day.

At that moment if a small piece of small piece of rice is small, it can immediately crash the spacecraft.

"We do not want it," he said.

in case New Afs Protect this flight, they will automatically picture images of ultra-photon and ultimately, whereas the appearance of the image and the first to be geo-expected.

New Horizons Sending fantastic photos of the trips, which never looked at the surface of the surface before 2015.

At this time, "An effort to draw us closer to the arrival of the arena is always three times for our protocol." Surnan said.

But the need for "a lot of cleanliness." We have tried more and more than before. We can achieve it, and we may not,

Ultima Thaul first discovered by Hubble Space Tiscope in 2014.

Scientists are found in 2017 that ultimately is not cyclical but is probably possible in shape. This may be two things.

It does not recommend that frequent, lightweight scientists look from a rotating cosmetic, increasing surprise questions.

Will be drunk in the dust? How many little moon lamps? It has designed to place space in front of that pole.

It is expected that the lightning response will appear.

The first pictures are expected on January 1 of the evening, which was planned till January 2.

Additionally, exchanges higher resolutions.

Although it is not possible to have photographs possible on the streets, plans to broadcast online during Mass Fly, May is animated video and musical feature plan, which is long in the skyline scientist and is a tribute to music with this program. Is offering

"I had impressed with the idea that it is the greatest that the man of man has reached," May said.

And natural test will not end this New Horizons, Which started in 2006 and is powerful by Platinum.

"We look forward to removing one more Kuiper Belt Object," he said. EFM

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