Saturday , December 4 2021

Destroying the part of the Durham Hotel


RCM and Clarillay said on Sunday awaiting the volunteer arms department, later a drive was fired through the Fitness Center on Billman Avenue at Wy Hotel and Bumurwood Avenue. (Submitted by Gordon Wheaton)

Fuel Disaster In a large vicinity of Hotel & Fitness Center in the hotel near the hotel near Saturday's day, an injury occurred on which today the scene of the explosion.

No injuries have been reported.

The Craig Blemer Avenue called on the hotel's studio at the Clerical Well Volunteer Fire Department, about 10 ppm. Saturday.

According to sources, fire-fire department was also called on Half Hotel. Investigating events based on the public hotel.

The RCMP said that the police had yet to appear at Around 5:45 am.

Cpl. Mark Elltott told CBB that the destruction of the front of the hotel has already been destroyed, but there are two separate living creatures right on the backward building.

Flats can be made easy in the Clarillille near Saturn night, where destruction of the Wab Hotel and Fitness Center ruins. (Submitted)

The main building on Wir Hotel & Fitness Center was shot late in the night. (@ bonny_charlie / twitter)

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