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| Musti:

New Zealand is Justin Bieber and christmas as a christmas christmas.

Bibi Hitler, To introduce his fan with a new hairstyle to reach his atomama palm on Saturday, posting a bad picture in bed with a little dog on his little kitten.

"His name associated with our catastrophe is # Oscar," wrote the Pop Servist, under which he said "my children".

The appraisal would also be used to send requests for vacation requests as it showed the new picture of the new screen with the introducing device in its instagram story.

"From Christmas to Oscar," hid this shot.

After this, he was happy with the news of his blooded blood and other heroes, as she devoted to the fighters of the fighters as she poured her new clothes into new clothes and kisses.

However, when his wife was pleased with the start of the Christmas gift, Justin acknowledged that he did not show up so much because he was

"I'm sick," he wrote in one clip. "Why I'm Flying."

In addition to this, Holland could not protest his happiness on animals of animals.

He also split several photos and videos of Penguin on his Instagram profile, together, "My Christmas Kid. Oscarbebe".

Justin left 24 years ago 24 hours ago, after leaving a celebration ceremony in September, just two times as a husband and wife of the passengers.

And it seems that with the help of novels their new future prepares like parents for future. If the hoe is interviewed with the latest interviewer Arabian Arabian.

"I have been loved by the children and I can not wait for myself." I am married to be aged 22 years old.


December 23, 2018 / 7:14 | Musti:

In the New Royalty's Flood, "Aquaman" has been estimated to be a weekly weekly weekly holiday on the "Dead Mary Populin Return" and "Bubblebaby".

Without the film "Star Wars" on four days in the first four years, a broken holes tried to capitalize on the fabulous holiday period in the movie dramas.

The DC-comic superhero "Aquaman," has reached a journal before 200 million dollars, to create cost-effective livestock, where he has exceeded $ 400 million in three weeks of independence. Early views, with regard to $ 72.1 million in "Aquaman" America and Canada's program, led by Jason Mausoleum, its global total was $ 482.8 million.

"Aquaman," instructed that by establishing James Wen, the "Justice of America" ​​proved to be stable for "Beerzheimer's" win against the "proved woman". The film gifted the A-minus سينماوسورور by the audience.

For these students, for the new year up to Christmas to arrange themselves at the end of the week, when the dramas are filled through regular weekends. A standing authorities with a Christmas day christmas have said that there is a weekly weekly incredible and disturbing competition, which competes with the year of every year's purchase.

"We're going to start the really start-up Tuesday," Disney's director of the Warren Bresz Jeff Jefferson said that the performance of "Akman" just came up with just 65 million dollars of a single studio. "Never gave children back to school till January 7, it gave us stars positive in a positive way."

The designs of the design and "Mariam Poppins" of the design were more common for the "Transformers" Spinif of the Pramamas, although every week the holiday was due to the hope of a strong business.

"Maryam Populin Returns", featuring Emily Bill and directed by Rob Martial, was arranged with $ 22.2 million from the starting point from the weekend and $ 31 million. This music was a low side of expectations, to make $ 130 million.

"May is the Populin Return", which is associated with links like Lin Lincoln, most of the vehicles on the caretaker leave the holiday season. On the other hand, there are good reviews to review if reviewed by spectacular reviews (77 percent on 77 percent of the total) teams, an M.Money Cinema player and four-round balloons nomination.

Katlin Head of Division for Disney, said, "It's a big week to get rid of yourself at the weekend weekend." "We are waiting for a few weeks to come to the great word of the Wateway building, and we are waiting for a long walk."

"Popins" is still tight "bubble", which was made with $ 21 million. That too, a soft start for a movie that costs $ 135 million to get a tax credit. It is also far from the speed of "Transformers" movies, which lasted with the 44.7 million dollars in the last ten years ("Transformers: Last Last").

But "Billabbi," a follow-up transformer, directed by Knight Knight, and starred Hotel Stanford, has never been in some matery films: good reviews. The "BMW" ratios with 94 percent of the latest rates as well as the most recent weekend weekend. The audio also provided an A-Minute Cinematic Scarc.

De Divice, headed by Permurst's division, has said that the filmmakers had been the most influenced by Christmas in advance. "I do not mind that we play very well with great reactions. The game plan is always the fact that we start the game now, where many people are in the next few weeks.

"For me, he starts the last day of the week that the big bang on that day was a dress.

In addition Mason also has Sony's best reviewer "Spir-Man: Inside Spare-Wanna", which is ranked fourth in the fourth number of 16.7 million dollars in his fourth number. The film has also created animated releases from China, where it was not. 1, increase by $ 26.1 million in weekend.

The "Mole" of the Clutest Estrode added 9.3 million dollars to its symphony frame, and it reached a total of $ 35 million a week for a week. The British Coop, who can also star a star in "Manol", has his "star star", based on which $ 200 million crossed.

Article Faisal was ignored at Artamas on Dramaamas. & # 39; Second Act, "starred Jennifer Lopez." According to a chemical estimate, 650 million USD estimated at 6.56 million dollars, an audience created up to 70 percent of women.

But the actual flaw at the weekend was "happy in March", Robert Zemecisis-directed Mysterious Theoretical Drama Salim Carl, as a creator, whose model model model helps her to rebuild her. The film has earned at least $ 40 million to work, just $ 1.9 million has worked in 1,900 drama. This is another straightforward flip to the United Nations (which comes with DreamWorks for "Maron" under "Marshall Engines". The $ 100 million movie debut lasted 7.5 million dollars in selling the last Halfat Ticket.

December 22, 2018 / 8:54 pm | Musti:

Hep-Hop Jupiter has made CBB and the office a force of reconciliation, whereas they were collected in Paris after the collapse of the sea.

The Bodak Yellow Hedgehoger has shown that he had kept a star with his star more than a year ago with a star and was last week of the week, he said he had defeated his head sessions in California's Rolling Load Festival. Give him back

However, it appears that Offset took its way in the heart of the card, as he joined the Stewart Jet Stewart in Stewart at Stewart Jet Stewart in Paris before his performance in the Sunglasses Trust Mile.

The lunar was housed as well as kept moving together as they chanted the outer ladders, for which they were with a group of friends.

Tell TMZ Karimi and Offset Sources that there are similar tasks in love during the history of the coast.

Their daughter, five months, did not see agriculture, but she is possible with her parents in Porturico.

It seems to be seen later that the officer later accepted that Cardi and his little girl was spending less than a week's weekend.

He said that he was celebrating his 27th anniversary celebration on November 14 and he touched his first public and gave him another opportunity.

"I just got a birthday anniversary and my wife is going to return," he started recording. "We are still taking a lot of things, many of the things in the media. I want to hurt you for some kind of shame, shame me and I'm crazy about you."

Offline reiterates his dangers' reports, "I think I have not been allowed to participate in it, and I am sorry. You know what I am. To break my heart, our commitment To overtake, because of breaking the promise of God and being selfish, because God has left God.

"I'm trying to be a good person. I want to stop hiding it, I want to leave her back." I hurt you, i love you. Cooler, I want to spend christmas with you. "

Carcy and Offset have yet commented on Potroke's Reich.


December 22, 2018 / 8:52 pm | Musti:

Javed Gilani has been told as Camerera's new girls in June 16 are genuinely linked to video.

The bubbling open actor is said that 22 years of many months have been killed in Roman style, keeping them belonging to the public, but now it is sharpening rapidly.

"Jai is very strong for her age, she is a poetic, smart and loving history, reading, this is a great and beautiful person." One source tells us weekly. "She and the cheapest things have taken things, but now are very serious."

The new ones have traveled together in the world in 2018, visited London in London before traveling in July.

Javed, 38 and Jane also visited Paris during the summer, and posted in Anamam Academy, in a picture which he came to Eliver, appeared to be, "It is fiercely impressed to you, Maybe that's why I've allowed you to break.

In the previous season, Kristen Dain was associated with her prestigious lady Reins Wernerson and Popstar Taylor's Suffett, who was already in the race for the first time in 2011.

Last year, when asked for an affair during an interview, Star Politician refused to comment, he has always been hurt to reveal harmful headlines for his past.

"I think you're in the relationship, you constantly check, your friends are posted, but … I do not want to talk about my personal life."

December 22, 2018 / 8:51 pm | Musti:

Former performance will not be blamed on sexual attacks on the back of Man Sawey Sig 2002, because limits limit has expired.

The Los Angeles Consulate, following this year, started investigating the behavioral behavior of the Siege's last behavior, when a woman was not named in a pen, an accusation of sexually harassment during one of the events between May 1 and October 31, 2002. is the.

However, on Friday, it has been clarified that the Los Angeles Council's Diplomat office lawyer could not pursue further judicial proceedings because his allegations were very long to report about MMM.

Full details about the response involved in the report have been dropped, but the lady's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, has confirmed that she is the subject of Dutch actor / Saluni Fioilla Dallas, who was accompanying the masses of the story in a press conference in March.

When detailed detail for the first time, how would Sagle break its breasts, and when it was his first-facial partition session in his Beirlytal Hotel's Hotell, when it was just 17.

Grandpa was involved in a press conference by fellow-accused Regina Simin, who was told that Segal was an 18-year old virgin in 1993, when sexually violated his Beverly Hill monster in 1993.

At the time, Sagal's lawyer, Antony Falangetti, emphasized that his preacher was innocent of sexual abuse, and both have been fully established completely with the majority.

Prosecutors rejected the seminar case in September after the end of the deadline, which also terminated the end of the regime's law.

Overall, the 66-year-old Satar finds himself searching for the past year, after moving forward with his claim including Porte de la Gossei, Julienna Margolis, and Genie Martinez, the # possible movement against Cigilant and misuse.

Although BBC was asked about an allegation in BBC Video News Watch Show, but when asked why she managed to seduce him, Segal was convinced and kept standing.

His representative had rejected the charge of all actors.

December 22, 2018 / 8:43 pm | Musti:

Hutch-Jacket and Jake Jaille have been sent to the Renaissance Roundture alongside three days to announce christmas play for cricket.

The three-point plan was made to meet a festival-to-day, but only the theme of the Ranan Party got ready-or just think.

The Devilpool Star, in its thick and green background, has got to the institute to find yourself in the background, which apparently showed a huge gold block, as it was and who was sitting on the other side.

One securities took refuge outside the hills, as the rumors were filled with each other, there is no hope in the back of the Raan.

"These one ** hole has told them a cleaner party," he broke the modeling pictures.

However, the rays appear to be that Ryan was in a forgiveness mood, as soon as he himself would have a Snoop and the last star of the radio in the final movie, a movie star's star, his own atmospheric stories.

"#HeForgaveMe," wrote the author.

Rangers and you, worked on the X-Men's 2009 X-Men: Vorverin, have been involved in a friendship, Jacques has announced that after May 2017, the Mayor's Mayor's module was hanging out of his pane. That is, it is a wonder that the well-known role of Australia's people once again for a special time in the last-end movie movie movie.

"I call everyone else and every other day, he calls me." He said that Rangers had already told the TV Personality Eline de Gregory, the two star's social media "Jagirdari" has been "war".

After answering Canada's comments, Hig can showcase doctors in a quiet place, "We are going to go to the new level, I do not know what to do in the war!"

December 22, 2018 / 8:38 pm | Musti:

She has shown Jennifer Lopez's daughter to the mother of her spell that she appeared in the music video for Joe's new track track.

Amy, a small version of a 10-year-old Jennifer Jennifer, plays a small version of Jennifer, in the total clip of singer / actor, this is the soundtrack of the second act of the new movie.

The mother of the mother can see that anyone is lying on the top of a mountain of mountains. The material is seamlessly located on the air dragons.

Jennifer's daughter takes care of the central stage in the Vindh Vadod, and some of her MD signals.

The proud mother Jennifer Emma was surprised when she forgot with Jyoti Floon before the release of the clip last week.

"When I told you, she was very brave and proud of me, I was forgotten that my first video director was all this." Host "and when you watch the video, she only wants to see them for them, because for women talk about talking about them, it's a great message about the seconds. Yes, we're doing this.

In the Secondary Act, $ 300 million star Maya, Assistant Manager, plays a Costco Structure in a Costco Structure, who has passed for a less competitive person because she is not a college class.

The movie also stars her best pool, and it's our star Meet Ventumglia.

December 22, 2018 / 8:36 pm | Musti:

Kerry Underwood is suffering from an inadequate orbit of pregnancy.

The Country Music Star has shown that she hoped to have her second child in August with her husband Michael Fisher, and now she is in the last distress of her pregnancy, she is already worried about singing a cowboy.

"Dear pregnant Indra, please bump someone else … like daddy." Carry moved to his followers early in the morning hours. "Always go crazy, my husband is in a hurry with comfort and comfort and I have stayed for 2 hours (yet). How is this?

She is tired of messaging up to the end of the message, with a clay face, a mood of face, and mood.

Kerry, who was already in the age of three years, is Yassia, who had been in November in the country's music association awards in the country that she is becoming a second boy, but she is still childless.

However, Taylor Die was the country's maiden maidie and the age of the next 35 years of Tie, when she has hit her Romantic Preset Track 360 on May, in the event that we had been born weekly due to Kerry's birth. .

A source told that on Thursday, people say that after the birth of the song, after moving to a new house at the Loop of Concern at a new house, its vocabulary is a rural tennis village.

"While they are encouraging four families, they are moving their last christmas as a family, whereas the child will start early." The source said. "Carry until child (born) until hidden on a call, they have completely entered the Loop Forum and hacked the hospital."

December 22, 2018 / 8:35 pm | Musti:

Will Fryer pick out of a fish eye that he used to speak about his own old star star, in the context of the Pervez Rashid TV.

The comedy star participated in the James Lincoln part of her ghetto or her guitar section, alongside James Cudden, in which the hostman answers the question of a difficult question or allows her to taste the likes of the likes of alienity That

As part of the game, James chose as a choice from fishermen, and then asked him how to get his rating back to work with John C. Riley, Mark W. Hobberber or Melbourne. in the.

"All talented actor … you never know that you never know." It is said before not answering, "Do not Answer" the surprise.

On the other hand, he will be denied the answer to the night that he was hosted to be more difficult than he was at the beginning of the night, meaning he was drinking raw word with Vienna's Sage Juice. . He also has the name of the "low-liked" movie that he has been featured.

"They are like my children … you start at those attempts, and you never attempt to spoil it, but just get out of your control." Is covered with a dark cutter.

ان کان علاوه ميزبان جيمس کي ڳئون زبان جو ڪاوڙ هو، تنهن ڪري هن پنهنجي اڳوڻي ڪارپوري ڳائڻ مهمانن بابت ڳالهائڻ جي ڪوشش نه ڪئي ۽ ڪجهه پاڻي ڊپٽي جي ڪوشش ڪئي، جڏهن هن پنهنجي شو جي گھر جي سڀني بيتن ۾ سڀني ميمبرن جي نامناسب نالي کي ڊگهي رکيو.

هن مدد ۾ مدد نه ڪئي پر ترڪيء جي امتحان تي نوبل جڏهن شروع ٿيڻ شروع ٿي سگهي ٿي، جڏهن هن کان پڇيو ويندو ته ڇا هن فلمن مان ڪهڙو فائدو نه ورتو.

21 ڊسمبر 2018 / 6:55 ايم | Musti:

ميلي سائرس کي نجينسٽن جي سنواري کلاسک کرسمس گيت سانتا بيبي تي وجهي ڇڏيو.

ملبوگو گلوکار اڄ رات جي شو تي جمي فلوون کي خميس ڏينهن تي ظاهر ڪندي ظاهر ڪيو، ۽ پروگرام جي دوران ميزبان جمي کي 1953 جي دؤر جي ريشن لاء تيار ٿيڻ جي دعوت ڏني.

جڏهن ايميل ۾ شامل ٿيڻ تي اتفاق ڪيو ويو ته هوء 2018 تائين ان کي الڳ ڪرڻ لاء انهن لفظن کي تبديل ڪندي.

"منهنجو خيال آهي ته انهن غزلن مان ڪجهه تبديل ڪرڻ جي ضرورت هجي، ڇا توهان وٽ ان سان گڏ آهيو؟ ان ڏس ۾، مون لاء وڻ جي هيٺان مچائي ڇڏيو … ڇا توهان کي خبر آهي ته ڇا آهي؟ هن جمي کي پڇيو، جنهن تي هن چيو، "تلوار؟"

"نه، جمي اهو ڀنگ آهي ۽ مان ويگن آهيان" "۽ مان ان کي ڏسين ٿو، مان هڪ ڪار ۽ يوٿ جي طلب ڪريان ٿو. ۽ چيڪ ۽ لفظي پلاٽينم مون ڏانهن ويندڙ آهي، مان چوان ٿو ته هو مون سان سموري پئجي وڃي.

جمي کان اڳ ڪنهن به تبديلي جي خلاف احتجاج ڪري سگهي ٿي، ملي هڪ جاندار ڳاڙهو ۽ سبز لباس ۾ اسٽيج تي روانو ٿيو ۽ پنهنجو نسخو ڳائڻ شروع ڪيو.

"سانگي، مون کي توهان ٻڌو آهي ته توهان مون لاء ڪجهه ڪارڻ ڪيو آهي، ايميل. مون ڏاڍي خوش قسمت واري ڇوڪري ڪئي آهي، سانتا ٻار، اڄ رات چيمني کي جلدي ڪريو،" هوء شروع ٿي، جيئن جمي جي پس منظر ۾ اٿي ويو هن کي خريداري جو قيمتي ڪارڻ لڪايو هو.

"سانتا، ننڍڙو، مون فيڪسي زيور پسند نه ڪيو، مون کي نه، مون کي سانتا ٻار جي ذهن ۾ ڪا ٻي شيء ملي وئي آهي، ۽ اڄ رات توهان جي پيشن جي ضرورت ناهي، هيرن، نقد يا اسٽاڪ نه آهي ڪو دٻي ۾ اچي ٿو، وڌيڪ فلاڻو نه آهيان، مون وٽ ڪافي آهي ۽ مان پنهنجي نفس جي سامان خريد ڪري سگهان ٿو. "

ميوزڪ پروسيسر مارڪ رونسن، جيڪو نئين گيت تي ميلي سان تعاون ڪئي آهي اهو هڪ دل وانگر ٽوڪ ڪيو، پوء جممي ناچ مدد ڪرڻ لاء ۽ هڪ ڪرسمس کي سنوارڻ لاء اسٽيج تي ظاهر ڪيو.

ھن ٻڌايو تہ 26 سال جي ھڪڙي واري ڪار واري ڪار جي چيلين کي گھيرو ڪيو، اھا انھن کي رد ڪيو ۽ زور ڀريو، "سانتا ٻار، مون پنھنجي پاڻ کي بڪر ڪار ڪيو آھي، نھ قرض." شيلف تي ايلف کان صفائي مدد. ٻڌ ڌڻي سان ٻڌاء مون کي، ڇوڪري جو بهترين دوست مساوات ادا آهي. "

مووي دانه جي ٻيهر ڪارڪردگي جو ڪارڪردگي ڪندي، "معاف ڪر، سانتا صرف پنهنجو چنني اڄ راتو ڪر!"

ڊسمبر 21، 2018 / 6:51 ايم | Musti:

چريسي ٽيين جي ڪارڪردگي ٽائيم جو سلسلو جاري ڪيو ويو آهي روشني ۾ آيو.

ماڊل ۽ سوشل ميڊيا جي اثرائتيسر هن ويب سائيٽ ۾ گيري پوسٽون ۽ Instagram جي پوسٽن سان گڏ ان وڏي آن لائن آن لائن حاصل ڪئي. جيتوڻيڪ، چريسي تي ڦيراڻ لاء پرستار شروع ٿي چڪا آهن ته 2010 ۾ ڪجهه شديد اچار ٽويڪ پوسٽون ظاهر ڪيا ويا آهن، جن مان ڪيترائي گهڻن ساٿين جو مقصد آهن.

"هر ڪنهن کي حيرت انگيز آهي مرياه جڙي رهي آهي؟ مون هميشه کان ڏاڍو مثبت هو ته 2-15 ٻار هن جي وڌندڙ ٻار آهن،" هن ڊسمبر 2010 ۾ ڳائڻي ماريها ڪيري جو وزن ڳائڻ تي لکيو.

جنوري 2011 کان هڪ ٻئي کي لنڊن سان لوان ڏانهن اشارو ڪيو ويو آهي ۽ چيسسي جي پوزيشن سان پاڻ کي نقصان پهچايو ويو آهي: "لنڊن وڃي ڪجھه ننڍا ننڍا ننڍا ته پنهنجي کلائن کي ڏيکاري ٿو جڏهن هوء اما پٿر ڏسي."

33 سال اڳوڻي پڻ ٽائيففوبڪ سلورس سميت ڪيترن ئي ٽائڪن کي لکيو، جنهن ۾ مئي 2011 کان هڪ آهي جنهن کي "ٿڌي، منشي ڪڍي، جنسي ڀريل، پنگ پونگ ترياني جاء" جي طور تي بيان ڪيو ويو آهي ماڊل طرفان ان کي "آمريڪا اڳيان مٿين ٽريننگ سڏي رهيو آهي ڇو ته ان جي ** ت گذريل 5 سالن تائين پرديش ڪئي وئي آهي."

Chrissy، جيڪو 2013 کان وٺي جان ليڊيڊن ڳائڻي سان شادي ٿي چڪو هو، جڏهن هوء ٽيسٽ پوسٽ ڪئي وئي ته 25 کان 26 سالن جي وچ ۾ ها.

ڪريٽوڪرن جي # ٽيٽيس ٽائيٽي آئيسورور پارتري هٽي ڦاٽي سان ٽائيپنگ ڪندي ماء جي ڀيٽ ۾ واپس اچي وئي آهي.

ڊسمبر 21، 2018 / 6:48 ايم | Musti:

مارون 5 ڄاڻايل آهي ته هپ هاپ اسٽار ٽريڪ سکاٽ کي 2019 سپر بال بالو هفتيم شو لاء خاص مهمان طور.

پٿر جا ڪيترا ئي ڀريل آهن، جيڪي 3 فيبروري تي اٽلانيا جي جارجيا جي ڪارڪردگي کي سرفراز ڪري رهيا آهن، ۽ هاڻي اين ايز ٻڌايو ويو آهي ته ٽيڪس ٽينڪ جي ٽريڪ انهن کي وڏي اسٽيشن تي شامل ٿيڻ تي اتفاق ڪيو آهي.

گروپ، آدم ليين جي سامهون، پڻ چيو ويندو آهي ته ٻين ڪيترن ئي فنڪار سان حيران ٿي ويندا آهن، جنهن ۾ ڪارڊ بي بي، جيڪي توهان کي مارڻ جي ڌڻين وانگر ڇوڪرين تي خاصيتون آهن، ۽ ائٽلٽن جي ريڪ ويڪس بوڪ آف آئوٽ بئ ڪٿا کان وٺي.

ٽريس لاء نمائندن جو جائزو وٺڻ جي باوجود اڃا تائين آدمشماري کي هفتيم گيگ بابت سوالن کي منهن ڏيڻ جي ڪوشش ڪئي، جيڪا نئين سال ۾ اين ايف ايل جي طرفان تصديق ڪئي وئي آهي.

گلوکار، سپر باؤل رپورٽن بابت هڪ انٽرويو دوران اليگز ڊيگينيس تي هڪ انٽرويو دوران سوال ڪيو هو، ۽ گپ شپ کي ختم ڪرڻ لاء ٿورو ڪجهه ڪيو هو جيئن هن طنزياتي زبان جي جواب ۾ جواب ڏنو.

جڏهن ميچ ايلي ڊيگينيس بابت ڳالهائي ڏيکاري آهي ته آدم چيو ته "ڇا توهان جي باري ۾ ڳالهائي رهيا آهيو؟ اهو ئي افسوس آهي، مون کي هن جي سچائي جي سچائي ناهي ۽ نه سچ جي سچائي آهي. اهو ئي غفلت آهي. هر ماڻهو تي بحث ٿيڻ لڳي. "

"اها سپر باؤل آهي،" هن وڌيڪ چيو. "اهو هڪ وڏو واقعو آهي ۽ اتي ئي هڪ باندڙ ڪرڻو آهي … يا هڪ قسم جي فنڪشنل ڪم کي ترتيب ڏئي ٿي. ۽ اها عظيميت هوندي، نه ته ان جي پرواهه آهي. جو شخص اس گگ کي حاصل ڪرڻ لاء ڪافي خوش قسمت آهي . "

آدم ان کان اشارو ڪيو ته هن جي ۽ هن جي ڌاڙيلن پنهنجي خيالات جي سڀ کان وڏي شاگردن کي راند ڪرڻ جي جذبات جي ڪثرت سان ڀريل هئا: "هر څوک، जसले शायद बराबर बराबर घर्षण र उत्साहित हुन्छ". "هي سڀ تعصب آهي ڇاڪاڻ ته مون کي خبر ناهي ته ڪير ڪئين ڳالهائيندو آهيان … جيڪڏهن اها هئي ته، مون کي حوصله افزائي ٿي، مان ٿڪجي پيو آهيان … جيڪڏهن آئون ڪري رهيا هيا، جو آئون نه ڪري سگهان مان ان جي تصديق ڪريان ٿو يا مان ھوندس. "

5 مارچ جي سروننگ ڪارڪردگي کان سواء تڪرار نه ڪيو ويو آهي – ڪيترن ئي مداحن جو چوڻ هو ته اين اي ايف جي اهلڪارن کي شهر جي امير جي موسيقي تاريخ کي اجاگر ڪرڻ لاء ايٽلانٽ آئپن کي طلاق ڏيڻ گهرجي، اسٽار ڪليفن ڪيپنيڪ، جيڪو اڳوڻي راندين جي ملي ضدين جي خلاف قومي ظلم ۽ پوليس ظلم جي خلاف احتجاج ڪرڻ واري فيصلي تي هن تي 2017 کان اڳ اين ايف اي جي اين ايف ايف کان ڀري رهي آهي.

اهو افسوس هو ته رهاننا نيشنل اين اي ايف جي سربراهن جي پهرين 2019 سپر سپاهي هفتيم شو جي سامهون هو، پر تنظيم جي ڪيپنيڪ جي علاج کان گهٽ ۾ گهٽ ٿيو، جيئن ته جيل ز 2018 جي ​​واقعن لاء گذريل سال تائين دعوي ڪيو آهي، جسٹس ٽمبرليڪ جي ذريعي.

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