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Huawei Mate20 Pro is a smartphone phone


The recent arrest of the Hi-fi Chief Financial Officer in Viceroy and due to a transitional prison within the China-China border, it may be possible that it can take a moment from the company's phone.

However, the Huawei Mate20 Pro is a high potatoes and the arrest of Mangang Wenzhou is to work small with the company's chains.

In the United States of America Iran is accused of "informal subsidiaries" by Skycom and on his bank's bank that he is trying to refer to the allegations.

The Chinese company has denied the information of any mistake by Mein, it says that it runs on all the laws of the country. The demand is still in Vicorver, which is outside the $ 10 million guarantee.

In the past, America has also accused of using its own technology to spy on the Chinese government's China world's world – a claim has also denied it.

I am one of my own phones. P20 Pro – and I say I'm spy on my phone. (If it is done, that person who looks at my life may forgive him.)

When the P20-Pro May was reverted to May, one of the top phones in the P20-Pro market, and the three triangular wings from cameras with photography. But the shame of the new MAT20 ProP 20 Pro, as it is very respectful in all respects.


To get started, it has a clue. While a folk display with P20 Pro Round Devices, is sold on the Matt 20 Pro Display Network. It also shows the fingerprint fingerprint sensor.

I gave you fingerprint center finder compared to physical sensor sensor. It was usually difficult to read my print. Finally, this is a minor issue as you can set other methods to unlock the phone, such as a pane or a pixel identification.

These design changes allow for a slack and allow more real estate of the screen.

Mate20 Pro 157.8 MMA 72 72 mmA 8.6 mm is national and weighs 189 grams. It calls the P20 Pro more narrow, less and more narrow than the phone. As a result, it's a little easier to keep it in your hands.


His camera system is the key to gaining the quality of the PC. As the first screen of the series series series, three different lanes come to their record cameras, the number 1 phone number for the photograph. It's up to now. There, Mate20 Pro offers the best. Like P20 Pro, Alizée Triple Camera Camera 8 MP, 20MP and 40MPM Lines. Despite the changes in the position of the three-lane, the phone is back to the back, 40 MPH lenses and 8MM phones are basically the same and 5x herbid zoom.

However, 20 MPP lenses have changed. On the 20-page Pro, the 20MP lens was 40 feet in length, similar to the footage of monochrome. Personally, I superficially recommend this line. I mean that one line is dedicated to black and white photography, but you can always apply filters only to remove the picture and then remove the color. Beware, maybe you could not get too fast, but the difference for most people will become poor.

But with the Mate20 Pro, 20 mm lens is a color, ultra-angle angle, which offers 0.6x MW of 40 megapixels. Obviously, it displays a huge panoramic style, but allows you to kill your attitude using 2.5 super-centric meters near the line. And the results are quite good.

This picture was accompanied by a food-cooked rice-fired MW-20 pro ultra-wavy-angle liner. You can see how the distance between the linen dresses and I have got a good job to wash the spoon in the earlier field.

Adam Osmer /

Post Media Network

Ultraviolet Lines can also push 21 to 9 videos.

This year, like other screen phone cameras, has been using this weekly, using the Hivi Meta 20 Series Image Identification Software, which allows settings to customize photo-quality and automatically improve the photographic quality of the frame. According to Hua, software software can accommodate 1500 scenarios in 25 area. Now, I did not try to have many different subjects, but the software worked a big job.

Usually, and was better than the quality of the image, they took their own P20 Pro, if only the fact that the MAT20 Pro's really balanced balance of the fact is much better, especially when in the shooting. The PP 20 Pro lightens slightly lower than the slab bubble – it is not a realistic sight. You are not able to say that you were standing in the room where the photo was taken.

The photo of this sparrow is also taken with the larger angle of Air Meteor 20, using glow.

Adam Osmer /

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If you want, you can turn off Master Air and change the hardware mode and control the settings, such as white balance, ISO and shutter speed.

The Mate20 Pro also takes a good night-vision as ten lanes will be able to lighten up with a single or doubled camera camera.

Like the P20 Pro, the MATE20 Pro 8 MP uses an upcoming camera that works too.

Display & Audio

The Mate20 Pro features a large (6.39 inches) and OZL screen of a large range (1,440 x 3,120 pixels) which offers faster speed than the PL20 Pro. It is said that the PPP Pro is not a good display, it's just that MT 20 is better. (In fact, Apple's IIS SMS MACS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have a higher resolution than Samsung.

Huawei's new phone is also a whimsical spa and a rich color and is a more beautiful video clip than the P20-Pro. The display is 19.5: 9 basic in comparison to how many commercial movies are more. Whenever, most online videos are 16: 9, yet you can still stay with them with a bigger bars bar than the 18.5: 9 phone.

As for audio, the speaker system is hidden inside USB-ports, but the audio is explicitly completely and fully explicitly explicitly.


On the device of 9.0 (pie), the M2020 Progressively runs from ProPC 20 Pro to 2.6 GHz ICA Cores processor (Huawei Kirin 980). The P20 Pro comes with the AmT 20 Pro 6 GB ROM and 128 GB internal storage. But the MAT20 Pro also has a nano memory card, which will allow you to extend storage up to 256 GB. It also has 4000 mega batteries. Now, this is not the biggest cell phone in the world. (One Chinese company, iconic, with a 11000 megapixel single phone, is capable of one power on one of the neighboring Pacific's boats). But the MAT20 Pro Battery is more than one that is searching on any phone from your identifier branch.

Hua flag's flagship phones also have other features that offer a specialty that specializes in: It's a 40-w super key cable with Huawei, charging the phone with a 70% phone virus in 30 minutes charging other phones. Can do And, although Met 20 is not unique to line, here's a Howis Disk, the Samsung Drive is up, which lets you reach the monitor when you experience it like a PC.

Diagnosis and discomfort

The Huawei Mate20 Pro is available on all wireless users. Bil, Rogers, Feddy, Virgin, and Sicily all have no money on a two-year plan. (There was a plan for planning planes before video two hundred years two years ago.) The best price for Roger and the video phone is $ 1,199.

Everything, the Huawei Mate20 Pro is a great phone and is my only complaint, except for a fingerprinting sensor, I want to return the phone. Again again, I think I can "lose" …


Android 9 (pie)

Council and weight

72.3 mm x 157.8 mm x 8.66 mm; 189 g


6.39 inch (3,120 x 1,440) old


Huawei Kirin 980
2 x Peripheral – A76 2.6 GH + 2C system-76.192 Gauge + 4x Introduci-A55 1.8 Gas




128 GB (Internal)
Nano Memory Card Slot: 256 GB

Main: Alizabeth Trophy Camra
40MP (Wide Angle Lens, F / 1.8 Operator) + 20MP (Ultra-wide Angle Lens, F / 2.2 Operator) + 8MP (Telephone, F / 2.4 Operator), Auto Flow (Laser Focus, Firefox, Initially), support AIS (image of Hua-e-image).

Fleet Camra: Support for Dirty Guying Camera: 24MP, F / 2.0 Operator

4,200 MH
Wire Charging: MAX 40 W Honey Super Super Arge
Wireless Charge: 15 W Huawei Wireless Charging Charging

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