Sunday , July 3 2022

Jon Jones returns back to the replacement of the Dealers Corrier Anamoram


MMA found only one little bit of great preference.

It is not surprising that when Canada is one of the first wars of newsletters to crawler Chevaires that the transfer of licenses licensed by the former State Department of Ethiopian Commission will be transferred from ESF 232 Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Deny it Helicopter is an important event in front of champagne Alexander Gofon. After discovering the unusual of a drug test in conjunction with the recent episode of Jones, the NSC decided that it would be ensured before it was set up in January, when it would be allowed to compete in New Zealand again. .

Initially tested in career. In response to the news, which was hit by Awesome and later posted to Social Media, in which it named the USA's Health and Performance Jeffrey Novotzecci, the California State of USSc at the Atlantic Commission Executive Officer. Offline Foster (after announcing this week's announcement to Jones "Clean Etlet"), and Jones had been discovered in failure to test another second test by reducing the amount of closed material on himself.

The "Honda" reached the instructor removed from the carrier to the instagram, in which he scored his rival, which he twice won against the title of the ESF Howeway. Judas has been admitted to Judas's wife and is not a champion in the competition after Jesus's wife was established.

"I can bathe on your wife and you can not literally do anything about it." Jones wrote. "You're my bucket, which can never change." Mississippy, how do you have to give me two posts, but never said anything back when you asked me. "

Corresponded in the same feature:

"You could not dirty your child using your studio!" Cormier wrote "I swear that I will never leave your wife's glasses glasses. And I did not answer, I am not helping your booming war, push you the worst stroke of the drug F * You are

Jennifer has just escaped from there, with a timing titling from the complaints of the Fan's Complainant chairman, that Tim Carrier started offering charity in a third war, and Carrier responded to his own answer. :

Although jones and carriers are uniformly connected and for the last time of time, if Jones still needs to be disturbed with gaffes, which is still scheduled for Saturn, whereas Cormier still The Hateway Championship waits for the next battlefield.

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