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Maple Lloyd tried to advertise as John John Teware


TORONTO – The free agency is not exactly the same as a bowler, though it had been an independent agent of the NEL, such as John Taurus.

Yet, there is no difficulty in a situation where the 28-year-old Long and the fastest and fastest expected arrival in the hockey market was coming.

And yet, with the first part of the game played with the Torture Maple Tire, he apparently came to the advertisement and paid for $ 15 million every penny, played two bonuses in bonus on two days. Was done Illegal Finist.

"What about me is that he is pro, what he likes about he is old." Koch said Michael Babcock. "Have I liked about it that's not – it's not that [media attention] The matter, he is just coming and his job is a human being.

"I think it's been beaten up [Ron] Honey and their people are the other unionists and good leaders. "

This leaflet has also helped fund points in a row, not only in the Franchisees 100-year history.

The truth is said, they were not a businessman during the holiday, along with more than 5-4 hours on Sunday Red Wing. He had a poor job of keeping the loan and making opportunities for half an hour. The Tavares and the Mach Martin and the Will Johnson lamps have been added.

But the dancer is that who won this League and played it back to Toronto.

Morgan Rielly's goal is that it is 3-3 related to the past, thrown out the triangle, crushed it in the middle of the footsteps and flopped on Philip Hurcock's lumber and the rear beds. Afterwards, Troyes again reopened with Jimmy 7.6 seconds jumping opposite Redwing Gloves Jennifer Bernnier, moving forward to proceed after the Direitot, at the same time he used to tap Jockey's pointpoint point at his home.

"Whenever it is pure, it's not what it is, it's up, I like that he's always tapping it." What is the cost of casual cotton dressing around the gloom? "He is always dangerous, it appears to be very special to see."

"I'm just happy, Millions of miles on me," says Tears, which is 24 gallons in the middle of 37 games, he's the speed of his speed with his 10-hn NLL season.

Envelope is a franchise, Christmas has won more than 25, 1946-1947 plays the finest of its 24 to 37 games. He was 22 years old.

It was believed that this organization should not be seen in two breeds so that finally the house was reached. In Rachel, München, Austin Switches and William Nellendar, he saw that a young Corps was a specialty worthy of all.

That means he would not be saved, and he formed a member of the New York Outrunner would not have to pay over the above.

"I'm just trying to try myself and play my game".

Maybe it's because it's a great idea.

Although the Hart Trophy Final and the Olympic Gold Mendler, with no birth, was no source of information to choose as the previous number 1 Mr., how much time it would take to replace it with a new look.

Then Taurus scored his first regular season game and added a token check on his own. He is aiming for more than 53, while never runs 40 times before, and there is little doubt that he passes his pace towards the Martin and Lailol Powerplay Unit.

Both of them were thrilled for the time-winning victorious attackers, that Markner Tseer Aklo got into the middle of his head and got out of the head. Its goal was to have 25 numbers, it would not have been difficult, because the shoots were fired.

"I must have done that in one," he said. "I thought I had given the top part of it, he is a hell of a game."

One of the biggest obstacles of the tournament has been sent to the other side of the tournament, that he would fly with his first game against the traders after he came to the week.

Nevertheless, any fan of this organization is still thinking of being frustrated to consider whether the ever-ever-ever-ever-ever arrangement of the arrangement with any kind of adventurous person, who is in Toronto.

Prior to the last round of Sunday, challenging the leaders of Red Wing Coffe to challenge the challenge: "The killer is not a killer, it's the whole worker, you know it's not that, it's not good." Defend a person defensively. If they are known and are allowed to dance, they are attacking the snow and playing in the AEA zone, they are going to pay you. "

No wonder the tutors are enjoying it. He was the one who was always the one who does not have a small photo in himself, and he is a key figure in a team, as it seems to be a liar.

"It's around," said Levermore, moving forward, Lafor Moore, in his minute after his NHD debut. "You've said that most of the bunches on the bench.

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