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Neanderthals and Denisovan lived together in a Sobranean cave for almost 100 years.

Humans get worse than family tree Jerry Spring Show. We already know Hello soupine And went with the cows. Both of us identified the human being in the knownly known "dinensian" in 2010 in the Dinsea Cave of Cyberria. Now, the researcher has discovered that nineteen and tenants have been thrown into Cyberen Cave for many thousand years.

Two studies published in January 2018 Power Whether the Russians have been guided on the path of great love in the hilly mountains, a complete picture of it has been shattered. The evidence of the testimony of the cave has been transmitted before 287,000 years ago without thinking. In the cave of the cave, the Danesans joined almost 193,000 years ago and lived for almost 100,000 years.

See the destination of Dineshwa Cave's Archaeological Museum.

See the destination of Dineshwa Cave's Archaeological Museum.

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These nails and dancers were more than just community. Last year, the researcher remained there A 13-year-old boy who lived in the cave and discovered that she was a natal mother and a Dissafone father. Some of the artworks have taken place Hello soupineAt the time of a residential rescue resort, Siberian lived in the cave, a secret new one Power Study rate

Sindh Power The study says that tennisians went to the Cave 55,000 years ago, then leave the non-immigrants. Yet the two groups have been mentioned, later the archaeologists have been found in the cave from 43,000 to 49 thousand years ago. These jewelry is similar to showing the shape of other human beings made of bones, animal festivals, macromagnetic and Australian hollow shells. But far away, archaeologists have not found anyone Hello soupine Lives in the cave.

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