Sunday , July 3 2022

One-night shootout was injured on the Revenue Stand


The police were on a 23-October 2018 near Riyadh Center in Ottawa, in a firing incident in the incident.

Patrick Dell / Postemia

In a result of firing in Ottawa, one person was dispatched to the hospital and the police reached the police near the center shopping shop.

The police said that the injury of the victim is not sure that he is a threat to life. They would not have more details about the protests.

At the time of firing 10:20. On the roadside, not the property, emphasized the police.

In the firing minute, police and emergency vehicles were blocked. Studios closed between the Saxe Drive and Dalhousie Street, and the Polo Police Station tables were created, as it looked at the radio station-banded distances and other routes.

A person has been arrested and arrested on the basis of the past police's other city's property in the past week before the Christmas, Billing Bridge shopping center, which said he would take a gun and speed up the people.

Explosion of the Building Bridge:

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