Thursday , September 23 2021

Russian executives to examine the Russian mysterious holes on the Suzhou spacecraft World news

Two Russian Courts are preparing to get out of the International Space Station to investigate a mysterious letter.

The station was set up on August 30 in the attached Russian Suzuki spectacular. The staff quickly inserted quickly and small holes and caused normal damage to the pressure. Space activist said that the station was safe to operate.

Ogles will make Cucano and Sergey Probecopev a six-hour spoky, which will examine the outside examination of the facilitators. They break the thermal holes to the thermal insulation and the experts are studied.

Hole found in the International Space Station.

Hole found in the International Space Station. Photograph: NASA / EPP

The lawyer of this legislation concluded on this month, with a new astronomer and Die Saint James's Canadian agency, says that the sponsor would try a great one. "It's hard to be physically and technologically".

Dmitry Rogozin, Chief Executive of Roscosmos, in Spanish Space Agency of the Russian State, said in September that he could have hid in construction or later. He did not want to say that if anyone defeated him, but the statement was somewhat scared.

Rugzine has told that he never punished astronauts for the United States and accused the media of breaking his words.

Russian Russian research continued, he said, and some staff of station who returned to the planet sampled during a spoiler in the month. Rosozos said that Roscosmos will also discuss the results of research with Nessa and other space station partners.

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