Thursday , September 23 2021

Space space created space stations to explore the space of mysterious holes

MOSCO – Two Russian rules were confusing Tuesday to get out of the International Space Station, whereas a mysterious letter was written.

The Russian Sword Space linked to the author's station was offered on August 30th. The staff set a quick and small hole that caused a slight loss of pressure, and the speaker said that the station is being safe to operate.

Russian Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev will conduct an eight-hour spoky check out outside of Suzuki. They break the thermal holes to the thermal insulation and the experts are studied.

The legislation had recently passed on the legislation, NASA was told in the former Flight Interview with NASA Spacewriter, United Kingdom of Mexico and Spain's agency, that space sales are a great attempt.

"It's hard to be physically and technologically".

Head of Roscosmos in Dmitri Rozozin was said in September that holes could be built during or after construction. He did not want to say that if any of his person was defeated, the statement was somewhat scared.

Rogus has returned to his statement, he said that he pointed out the fingerprint in the US sponsorship and accused the media of blaming his statement.

He said that the Russian official investigation continues, and some station staff, who are scheduled to return on December 20, are gathered during the space walk. Rogosz says that we will discuss investigative results with Roscosmos's NASA and the other Space Station Parents.

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