Tuesday , July 5 2022

Special teams can hurt Canada in the world's junior losses


Vanquor – You always remember the children's Christmas show. Of course, they forget their rows, tapping in each other, filled with their clothes and press on them.

But you praised it because you knew these things were not lasting forever.

On the team of teens, youngsters came for Sunday's final final for the World Cup hockey championship, which started boxing days in Vancouver and the Giant. Many things that can be wrong, but it was a little small child.

Yet, it was just a sandy and realistic show will not start until Wednesday.

But at 5-6 victories in the rivalry, Ruth Arena has proved to be proof that Canada has worked hard to work before the start of a tournament, with which Canada is a defensive champion, and always the land of our home and country.

"The junior tournament in the universe world is a stop and you want to learn more quickly," Kennedy's head team, Hunter, told reporters in Canada's Junior Staff for the last two years. "We should learn this as soon as possible.

"Fine was inconvenience to start the game, physics play and play, and we did not.

Finland took 3-1 lead in three-thirds and eliminated the Kinsen around it.

In the TT tournament, Team Canada made a 5-3 run in the security period in a poor run, won 6-1 victory against Slovakia, and then the Canadian was convinced with its medal.

"Go to the tournament now, we're going to get more," Canada Center said. "Nothing is easy because we are of Canada, nothing has been given to us. We have to work hard, we have to work for everything and we have to compete for 60 minutes."

The last shot of 34 shot of Canada came in the last 20 minutes, while Finland defended 2-1 at 1-1 to 1-1, when immediately on the Eagle Scott safeguarded a high goal on the Eclipse Round. With sports planning.

The two goals were to be given on the fan line, and their first was a valued and 10:26 at 10-0 when Canada after Otto Latvala had left the Rangers after the band. At the moment

Within 3-1 minutes in seconds, Canada failed to play a 60-second five-T-power power, while Arnold Tattai lost another architecture for the Finland.

He said that we would not have the feeling of pain, feeling of pain, feeling of pain. "I have been fond of the power of power, they were surrounded by it, they grew up, they kept up with us, we slowed it down, to do nothing to work for the killer of their punishment."

Hunter is the age of 58 and he could say the truth, so Static Time was Canada's knees' power.

Created by Canadian Intelligence Margins Frost and Burstead Hadd. It is not clear that on the boxing day, Kennedy's initial balloons will be against Denmark against Scotland, although Scott was already better than the deputy in the tournament's sports game.

Overall, opening against Sweden in Switzerland in Finland.

They played the sun without dump.

"The artist, sports secretary, said," Should we be scared? There are good games on our team. "" It's not fan fan for us, we do not want to dance. We want to play and the biggest thing (we can do) has packed and whenever we play it. "

Cambridge's leading Maximmaker, who was the only singer of the Year's Gold Medal team, said: "It's a beautiful game for us, we were not played fast." To Fans, we were surprised with us. We can not play it. It was not very good, but we are going to get it on skills and 26.

Ready or no, it's shot.

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