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The Chief Defenders should be kept in order to maintain super-bold


After the loss of Arthur's night, Chief of the 38-31 CEIC was more pronounced: The Consortium Team is not a super-spoiled opportunity, if defensive defense will not be better with it.

Looking unbelievable in the eyes of Patrick Mahamaz and Chief Officer, before playing the same moment after the moment of greatness in the first seconds of sports sports. The game was where the championship shuttle team needs to be a great ATT Team team to steal the road conquest to avoid a major defense route.

The Chief Defense did not do it. Re-time time and time, on the night, took these steps and one's cry, a barrier, was the opportunity to take place at an extremely opportunist time. And they are all the time. This is the story of the Season Session, which was so great that the team began to tackle the deficit of defense.

Week 16 Jaguas: Sales of Clinic Intervention Club, Clinic Clinic's Clinic, Save Nick Fifty Christmas

The first, the fourth quarter consisted of 2:25 bits and 2 chromosomes, the field was tied to 83 yards just below the field 47-line lines and it has a spectacular spectacular-flame- The other way-to-day what he had done is to Tendwood. It seems that playing speed needed to be moved. All the heads needed to defend was a three-stop stop.

Sacred tossic balls did not take any pressure in the casey, which had a hair for almost seven seconds before the safety of seven seconds. The need for 10 yards to be transported to the vessels, the zincers, is the coastal coast of Kansas City's defense seafront. The first cricket trimmer was Smith, who came to bat in Babylon, diving, and wondering in the team's team. After that, it was the line of Anthony Hutchin, who had a defeat of Dickson's cleric's pedestrians and was flounced. Finally, on the first hand marker, Defensive Challenge Stevens Nelson is getting into competition with the virus. For the first time, cough and skin, tendondic seamic.

After this, overwhelmed 60 gates of the mahsus field, which was terminated with the purpose of the field, which was looked at four points of the set and kept the game alive. Council's seat requires a stop. Instead, take a six-game, 70-yard drive and another tour. It was hunting

But wait there is more. Month again again! 72 yards in the field to score one and then added two-point changes to the boot. He left 4:30 and the Chief of Defense needed a stop again. And again again! – I could not get it. Sikhakak made 75 grades easy in eight games and one by one effectively scored the game.

ORR: Eagle What if Nick Fools Magic Magic is again?

Chief week this week allowed the 28th Defense Defense Point point. The list of all super-bidding teams in the NFL history, which is defensive as 28 or worst defensive in the League:

No teams have defused the symptom with the worst sympathy, such as presenting to the head of this year. More than 52 super bold rivals, 45 of which were a high defense. For all talks about the past half decade or to be an era of office, it is a very difficult task for a Defender Defense Team to run in sports. The last five Super Bowl winner's average defense level is 3.6. (2017 Eagle fourth place, & # 39; 16 patriot first, fourth chapter 14, & # 39; patriot eighteen, first step 13)

The defense of the Consonance has fallen last night and they have only worsened every year. Enter weekend, post a post in yards and average yards to allow average yards. They also ranked in the last tenies. And last segmentation allowed in the last yards. And finally lasted. They did not give the last consent, but they were last rated.

The worst defective 2011 gains of winning Super Bowl, an unit which was 25-horn in point of permission. Stepped in New York's defense games, only 14.0 points were allowed in their ranking games. 11.0 points lowered those sessions. It is a team that will also need to divide that he will have the chance to finish the final in the final.

In Postnasonics, Giants were with the help of the most powerful passionate people, Jatts' Tuck, Jason Pierry-Paul and Ace Thyearer, were the best defenseers. In such a way, all the team's bourgeois entered the weekly 46.2 in the second 46 of the week, and with dinner, there are two games in the game for two games in 15 (Chris Jones fifth, and The Ford is 13th). ).

It's not possible, but it's possible. And this is just one way, the rulers do not waste the weather season, nor will they be ashamed.

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