Sunday , July 3 2022

The screen script writer Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite shows that the "Small" will return the phone, and it will pay 10 notes


As the year has been developed, the phones have grown up and over, often charging in front of the front-handling of the Samsung surfaces of Samsung, although in consequence Samsung has accessed the Internet users back to the Internet to the left-left corner. That

So it is so good that this year the oceans will be with regular flights with small floppers, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite.

According to trusted leader Ice Universe, the gun would only be "5" inches 5 inches, and by virtually reducing the weight, it should be less than 5 inches inches HH.

The overall screen size of the ice university also shows:

  • S10 Lit: 5.75 inches
  • S10: 6.11 inches
  • S10 +: 6.44 inches
  • S10 5G Version: 6.66 inches
  • Note 10: 6.75 inches

A small phone news, the second "big" newsletters is the 10-inch script script, which will set up 6.75 inches once again by the CSS Galaxy S10 Plus. The present generation notebook 9 "only" is 6.4 inches.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Light is expected to fit the 5 megapixel patch holes infinity O-front immediately camera, two 12-megapixel rally cameras and the skid screen.

We hope that to hit the market in devices in February, take more details on the site as they authorize it.

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