Verizon's prepaid service was clearly dubious, but the carrier has aggressively lowered prices in recent years. In 2017, it announced simplified, cheaper pre-paid services and is now making prepaid plans an even better deal with a bigger term for less dollars. You can even get unlimited subscriptions for just $ 65.

New plans will come into force today and you can see them below.

Former 3 GB, 7 GB, and 10 GB prepaid plans for $ 40, $ 50, and $ 60. These new plans are a bit cheaper and offer more data. If you have multiple prepaid lines, you can get new discounts with new plans. For most consumers, it's a win. However, there are some objections. Firstly, these prices include an automatic payment payment of $ 5. If you pay by hand, pinch for another five dollars. If you exceed the monthly limit, you will also be stuck at 2G. You can buy more data, but it's expensive.

If you want a hotspot, the good news is that most new plans allow you to use as much as you want at LTE speeds until your data boundary is used. However, the unlimited plan has No a hotspot option that seems deeply weird. Verizon also does not explain whether these plans have shifted video (old plans were limited to 480p). We got to Verizon to get an explanation, and we'll be upgraded if we get back.