Sunday , July 3 2022

According to the study, with the help of one pet in the early age, allergies help reduce the risk of PlayFM.


If you have children and loved animals with animals that it is interested in you.

This is a friend, according to a study conducted by Billburg University's Bill HesslerMore pets are at your earliest age, risk of malnutrition such as illness development Osama, necklace fever or acrum.

There were two investigations that Hessmermar analyzed, where 729 children's numeric figures were at the age of seven and eight years, where it was LL has been developed in 4% of the first months of life as there is no association with animals.. However, 43 percent of the children were reduced to pets with a pet.

In addition to this, another study of the study was proven that after the birth of 249, 8 or nine years later, there were 48% of the signs of uterine, which were not fit for small and 35% of them Shared with animals.

These research shows that there is a dependence, which is the primary contribution between the children of our first month with animals, that is more protection.

Beware, if pets do not talk much about the description of minor children "A kite or a slice can not be found shortly inside the house, or in some cases close contact with the child, it can not be preserved". Well, you know. Animals and children are always and better.

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