Thursday , September 23 2021

Cabinet Codon Kona sells almost three sales entrepreneurs in the relay

$ 33 billion in more than 58 million shares

Colley Corp. has announced that day-to-day Company Innovations C.C. II, Jean de Debora, Patriotia and Ecuadoron Boomed, who had a third part of the third part in the retailer.

Specifically, the company controlled by the Calderón Volochinsky family Рhas been sent to the Santagogo stock exchange through an essential fact Рthe company has been trading more than 58 million shares, ie, 3% of the company operations $ 33 billion was included.

In this way, the Cudodone contributed 10 percent to almost 7% of the Koho.

It is noted that in April last, he had even put his face in the ripple, when he closed the stock, which included 1.19 percent of the company.

Today, the end of the end of the BBC increases its capital

Called by the Bay Base Bank, Yarra Rio Family, yesterday yesterday, in a row, the Santiago Stock Exchange (BSS) membership totaled 264,327 shares, worth a price of $ 42,000.

These segments remain in place of capitalization, which are based on banking, whose preferred discretionary period has ended on November 2, and the new value is equal to 2.7% of the released securities.

The Operated Agent Agency, Lauren Weiden, said Bolivia, the CopePap Captain Corridor and the Bolivarian Counselor The Bolsa, which will provide 88,989.

The total cost of 389,834,524,500 shares subscribed and paid during the preferred period was 9,393,603 shares.

"Add to the BBC's objective is the aim of the purpose of a goal to support the business in the coming years with the development of professional performance." The company said in a statement.

Commercial impacts to Central users up to $ 5 million

Central Consumer Guerrilla SSE was sent to the Commission for Financial Marks by an essential fact. He informed that the selection of fourth place of commercial impact under 14th was registered on September 4.

Effectively, the location of the business paper reached up to $ 5,000, which would not be interested and 0.30 percent will apply.

As indicated by a subsidy of the Spanish Gadget, the transaction income will be used as a specialty for commercial capitalism, which is for providing a motorized ride. Additionally, the backward agent had a company related to: Sandendra Credodorus Bolus.

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