Sunday , July 3 2022

Calucco of Catrillanca's father Carabineros before it is possible: it's a fun national


At the end of this week, Marcelo CatrillancaFather's Dead Young Last week's new parliamentarians, it was expected that new business corporations, Marza Rice, proposed to apologize for the victims of the affected family.

In this regard, Catrancanca said that it is not possible to get the police authority and offered it a "fun".

"That's a joke (…) How do you say that you want to get to the community (…) we are not in the position to achieve it. Neither do we want to accept the apology of the people"La Liraira slogan has been announced as a slogan.

In this sense, Catrillanca understands that forgiveness will never be successful unless Carbonus withdraws their presence from the community, in which they live.

"Ayola until the cabburner is over, the service will not be made." They should make an indication and say: Now, three months are now retrieved with the pilot's carrier. & # 39;

"They are saying, boys want to apologize, but they do not want to apologize but if there is no action on the part of the State and Carbearers, they are good to forgive."

It was in his first instance that he was a carbenter's new general director, Mario Rice, to declare, the situation would be made, he would be sorry for the father of Caroline Catrillanca.

"With me and father with me (…) if I had a situation and would have had a situation, I would have been sorry."

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