Tuesday , September 21 2021

Deficit revolves after 70 years of 70% of investment

Sustainable Spielberg, John Malkovich and Jon Bone who swear by the Elair Bond El Mode, are among them three famous ones, but the total number of people is not known. Yes, you paid the amount of money: US $ 65,000. Today, just 10 years mark the capture of New York's financial arrest, when it presented a large-scale plan in the United States's history.

Do not stop anybody talking about a paid amount. American people are assets worth $ 65,000 million from the Burner El Murray Infant Integration LL, in December 2008, when the children lost their opposition to the children's age.

On the same day of its capture, a professional demolition work for the U.S. Assistant Manager's Finance Fund (SSPC) to try to earn money as much as possible from the clients. Selected Aid Ar Picard Yes.

Picard, under judicial supervision, has spent a decade spent full fiscal analysis on which the money was spent in the deficit manager, who fined the funds … and has been referred to law enforcement throughout the world. Your results are great on the date.

After the analysis of depth, the victims affected the affected people, Picard and his team set out that the client's clients were more than 19,000 million dollars (from 65,000 million who appeared in the balance sheet).

Once again the amount of money was fixed, the buyer had to pay attention to the claimant who was refunded from the manager before the Markos.

"Creating the parameter project, its ability and balance that has been paid every month to the costly buyers." Therefore, it was decided that the claim was made for the original, on the backward side. Accept the procedure, "Pend describes in two weeks of release.

"Some of the students of the media never took money, while others got a lot of money, but they did not get money, but other madrasas started stolen by the madrassas, concentrated on the part of my minity, asking them to ask the customers. Money will be returned, "the lawyer says.

From $ 19,000 million to target, already $ 13,300 million (70%) have already been handled. Picard calculates that he can restore $ 4 million in the next few years, which will increase to the recovery rate of 90%.

When centrally acquired to work in 2008, cash in bonds, bonds and shares also did not reach 650 million euros. After taking the job to the lawyers' batsman, legal action with bankers and money makers, who returned their customers back to the manager's manager. Spin Buckoscope Center was another big investor with $ 3,500 million from its own banking client's clients.

The pace of the project was too fast to eradicate. Medical convicted, and after his arrest, was sentenced to 150 years in prison for just 6 months.

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