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Details on features, pricing and more


  • It will be suitable for road use, from the B to the appropriate Bronco, with the permission of the Raptor.
  • It will be equipped with practical elements that are standard for off-road driving
  • His arrival will be in the summer of 2022

    The US is one of the most exciting 4x4s on the market Ford Bronco, A true legend that rose from its ashes last year and whose range is not yet complete as there are some very interesting versions to come. One of them has been endorsed solely by the company, or rather for the Director of Product Communication North America, Mike Levine, Who posted an adorable tweet on her official profile.

    Ready for off-road adventure

    We say this for Lev alone, that Levin is accompanied by three emotions – a goat, a crocodile and a pair of sunflowers – the term. “Evergreen”, Regarding a new version of the Bronco that will arrive at an American dealership next summer. Although the details of this vehicle are still hidden, we can already assure that it will have great landmarks, as standard in the first for the Euro Bronco, A winch and a loud snorkel-type air intakeGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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    In that regard, it should be remembered that the 2021 Bronco may be equipped with a $ 3,500 winch kit combined with a specialist. D’Arn ArnGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The system can withstand a load 4.536 kg And comes with 30 meter long cable, remote control and all related accessories and mounting bracket. Probably this may come from the factory-installed Everglades, but that may mean off-roader dispensers with adaptive cruise control.

    Falling by Raptor?

    In addition to the winch and sunscreen sockets, this new version may come equipped A unique terrain color And various components are designed for intense off-road exercises. However, there will be no wild bronco in the Everglades family as this distinction will soon come to the Raptor. Our spies have already been able to hunt this beast in the process of development and its arrival in the market is expected next year.

    As expected Ford Bronco Raptor It also has a suspension that focuses on road use, with a series of high performance parts, as is the case with the current Ranger Raptor, as well as better dimensions to the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Under it will beat a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 block 400 horsepower to wkGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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