Sunday , July 3 2022

General Maras Rosas was forgiven at the Catrillanca family


General Director of Carabineros, Marza Secrets, delivered a broader interview in 24 hours, where he told about his ideas that the institution has been functioning recently and thus intends to start trust in reputation.

"I believe this crisis is in Carabineros dome, it is not with their domestic statergic conditions, and general carbohydrates," said the new leader of the organization.

Regarding the Hermes siege, he said that he does not have all the background information that surrounds his management, so I can not say that I was resigned or not.

"Because of my way, I was done, but depends on the conditions of everything." Generally, the pre-eradication ended any ruling without the presence of the uniforms of all uniforms.

However, he said that, "according to his view," whenever I was contacted with my general suit, we were always together, never think of the divisions. "

"I as the determination of CATRILLANCA FAMILY"

Maushemy was very impressed by the theory of Commando, who was not satisfied with "Ask forgiveness from the family of Kullov Catrillanca, which is explained to all of the expressions expressed."

However, he asserted that in this case he could not reveal new videos or information, as recorded in the last week's record.

"When I watched these videos – pointing to the point that shows moments after death – I felt neglected, disappointed and betrayed. I am sorry that how a group has caught us." The way "Nicole" is described. For example, the EXGOPE route in November 14 in Arilla.

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