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I tell you, but I was a part of you: Why: The audio shows possible corruption in the Los Angeles Community Union

The mechanics would act like this, according to the registry that is in the hands of the prosecutor’s office: employees were hired, who, under a contractual agreement, had to return a portion of the salary, without any sailing. In fact, in the municipal council of Los Counties, chaired by Mayor Daniela Panaloza, a complaint was lodged with the public ministry that investigated what happened and the SCO. Through a statement, the headquarters of the building confirmed the information collected by Radio Bio-bio’s research unit. He also called the incident “serious.” In any case, the municipality specifies that the surrogate funds were inspected by the Com- pany Controller’s Office, not on the contradictions of the inspection body.

a Anonymous audio It was revealed last Friday, August 20, in emails from the Municipal Council of Los Angeles. In the registry, it was warned that the unregulated Community Union of Neighborhood Councils, which receive millions of annual subsidies from the building’s administration.

In the recording of the question, the dialogue between a man and a woman goes away, where talks about divination “challenge you to make money every month” challenge it. words In these words, from the Community Union described above, people will be ired from whom, in the second agreement, they have sought part of these duties.

The information reached the municipal council, in the early hours of Mayor Daniela Panaloza (UDI), who filed a complaint with the Los Angeles local prosecutor’s office on Monday, August 23, with the greatest amount of transparency possible. The day after, on the 24th, the public office building’s headquarters were received as above correctly.

The Ministry of Public Affairs previously included similar proposals in similar events that took place in Vatican, where billions of bribes were paid to RN Mayor, Raولl Torrelba, investigating.


Accessed by Audio Radio Bio-Bio Research Unit, A male voice indicates how the events that have been the subject of research have occurred.

carry on:

Men’s Voice: (…) One of the reasons that made my head hurt was that you spent all that money for six months (second, (…) I felt like crying.

The voice of a woman: Because و?

Men’s Voice: Pass on that amount, 1 million 800 thousand pesos (…).

The voice of a woman: But that was the case we did. I had an animal in it to do that (…) that I knew (sic), uh, really, I can’t throw it away.

Men’s Voice: ¡Oh!

The voice of a woman: Because that’s a favor against kindness.

Men’s Voice: Yes, we agree.

The voice of a woman: I was I a burden? And I told you, but we need it and you accept this condition.

Men’s Voice: But of course, of course I accepted.

The voice of a woman: So don’t me (sic) it (…)

Men’s Voice: But I have to tell you that it made me feel bad in the long run.

The voice of a woman: Chh, w, that’s why we removed you from the position we knew you were feeling bad for (…) and, uh, it was two months?

Men’s Voice: Four months.

Audio Visual:

Gravity gravity

Through a statement, the municipality declared the situation a serious event. “Earlier Gravity The allegations are because the only people who are not municipal officers (…) The said audio was made available to the prosecution and the complaint appealed, Reads the document in the Municipal Council of Inland.

He stressed that continuous work is being done to protect the resources and the transparent process of the new administration has been highlighted. “Proper use of public resources and transparency are the principles in which this municipality will remain deep and (…) increase transparency and monitoring standards (…)”, they added.

See the statement:

This mediator attempted to obtain a version from the Eastern Prosecutor’s Office, but received no response until the close of this edition. For that reason, there are doubts that the tyrannical body is doing so and if the hours passed after August 23 could have been so important to ascertain the truth of the events, if they were in the order described in the audio, and that mayor General Chat Chat Lounge And the councilors of the Municipality of Los Angeles have determined ”Gravity“.

It should be noted that these organizations are not administratively dependent on the municipalities, that is, they have their own legal personality. Its main task is to help neighbors, without being overwhelmed, and in Los Cordes, for example, the community union beats private security guards to control the area.

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