Monday , September 26 2022

Jorge Valdivia criticizes the crisis that lives …


Jorge Valdivia acknowledged that he does not expect these poor results from the albo box.

With a thin draw against Palestino, Colo Colo deepened his crisis by adding 10 consecutive matches without knowing the victory that was equal to the worst historic juncture of 1985.

One of those who mentioned the terrible moment of the kacik was the center-keeper and Jorge Valdivia, who acknowledged that he did not expect these bad results from the albo boxing.

"It's special for Colo Colo, for history, for us, for players who make up this team, it's very rare for people, it's a sad situation for everyone and it's a difficult moment", recognized in the Agriculture dialogue.

"We are all responsible, we do not have to point our finger to one person, we talk about Hector (Tapia), but we are all responsible and also feel responsible"he added.

Of course, as a good news, the "Wizard" confirmed his recovery from the micro-shock he suffered last week: "We are cool during the recovery period estimated in this type of injury Unfortunately I could not play after the suspension I had but after that game I already have the illusion that I am well and ready to fight against Huachipato which is going to be very important , I want to be and I will. "

In addition, Valdivia had words for Esteban Paredes, who could skip the last two stages of the national championship for his exclusion in the match against Palestine, and seeing it virtually impossible to overcome Francisco "Chamaco" Valdés as the highest Chilean artillery champion,

"He must be calm if this year is not enough, the record will be very close and before he retires becomes, we trust him, he is a great player who knows how to best use his moments and is there I hope the young the man who will replace him later will be Esteban, who has signed the contract until next year and will pass the record in ten games. " he stressed.


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