Monday , July 4 2022

Low arrest of 3 carbohydrates for arrest of violence


In the Boan era, the first dismissal of carabineros occurred in the form of a general director, at the time of the Martin Race. It is almost three soldiers who were killed with the capture of violence which was wrapped into social networks and described as Maco's former, Colonel Rawul Solus, "Force's unfair use and inaccessible use".

In general, General Secrets announced that General Secretariat announced that "every carrier that has declared carbonate all positive, I will reject it negatively, if my carbonian regulates the regulatory legal framework."

After that he emphasized that "What is my posts is this, which is a sign: all my carbonus inside the legal capacity, and all when they stay away from good police practices".

In fact, in the capital city, the Ferrari de Mate recorded a record around 11 bars, where police officers came to the police station for motorbike and fight. In the place a change was made with the owner of a dog, who was killed and was injured by a tenant who was recorded. There is also an old shot in the video.

"This approach is near 11 o'clock in the morning," Staf confirmed a telephone call confirmation at the place where there was no place. There is a person who is in the place and decided to identify the staff's identity. And this disappointing fact starts. "Karen Klein said.

"When the bicycle arrived at a bicycle, a dog attempted to bury a police officer and cut off the carpenter, kick the dog, and obviously it was the fact that we have the first information. "He said.

After that he acknowledged that "Carabineros personnel use excessive use of illegal pressure and power. Clearly, Chile's carbohydrates, we cautiously harden it, and it is the same thing that has been hardened with practical warriors. And in the next hours, carbohoros will be coached.

"There is an uncertain way of employment, there is a carpenter who condemns us very strictly, not above the violation of the fundamental rights of a person." Office of the government officials and military officials will also be established There is an investigation process from the point of view of the administrative point, if anyone, "remove it."

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