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Marcel Express's 15-year-old Junior Invasion of the Mars


The Space Express Agency (ASS)'s Mars Express Space Aircraft was launched in Spain on June 2, 2003 and reached 6 months later. On the other hand, on December 25, ignoring their main engineers and entrepreneurs, the month has so far started its internal and its scientific program since the beginning of 15 years.

A fascinating picture that conquers the birthday of the Korean converter by the ship. Mars Express has been taken by the Hi-Radiation Studios Camera (HRSC), which consists of five "furry" that has been arrested in various syrups and form a single-photon.

[Img #53888]

The shape of the black voyage appears. (Picture: ASD / DLR / F. Berlin, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO)

Korolev crater is 82 km in Qatar and is situated in the north shores of Mars, south of a vast dried country, which is part of the northern part of the winter row and is known as Olympia Unda. It's a perfume, especially well-preserved, and not only ice-snow, but in the whole year the center is a cold water ice current of 1.8 km.

The constant continuous presence of ice is the trend called "cold scratch", because it actually is. The haar is darker, under a distance of two kilometers below the normal ears.

In the following sections of Korolev, which contain ice, it is cool to "clay": operates on the snow, which runs on the ice, only on the top of the ice creates a cold air layer.

This layer of cold air works as a car and helps to keep the ice stable, prevent from heat and wasting. As a heat-cooling function, this effect is strictly covered and allows corrosion to maintain its ice.

His name has been named after his engineer and Chief Rocket Designer Sergei Korolov (Sergi Koroli), considered as the father of the Soviet speaker technologist.

Korolyov participated in several famous missions, such as the Sputnik program, which was 19557 and the following year's first artificial satellites in the class around the earth; in which in 1961 the first human warriors were delivered to space. Also, the first stage of Moon, Mary and Venus. The Flagshops of this Russian Society program also worked on some of the earlier rockets of successful Soyozes Launcher and the poor and robotic ships.

This area of ​​Marx includes interest in other missions, including ASS Echem Program, aimed at stating at some point if there was a life on the planet. (Source: ESA)

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