Saturday , December 4 2021

Mobile phone companies can reduce 20% prior to reducing the operating costs


80% of the internet internet services will be minimized or charges are charged every second between each mobile company and the other network.

After the announcement, the Transport and Telecommunications Minister, Guloria Hut, said "In this historical shortage, one of the highest traffic changes in the field of mobile accessory institutions is one."

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Apart from this, Pamela Giri said that "We are absolutely satisfied with the new cost of mobile charges, as we have completed a lot of action and have been enforced by law." To set up a new price that will be marked before and after the competition in our country's mobile market..

"Reduce accessibility means means a significant savings in operating operating costs for small mobile operators, because we need to handle, We hope that in the short run the pre-production costs appear to be new and today the average cost an average of 60 paise per acre and decreases the latest price by 20%.

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New will be accessible For the next five years at 1.8 minutes per minute, this new price does not include gradual reduction in the pre-stage. The current price currently available is $ 8.7 per minute, Which means less than 80% of the meaning.

Apart from this, Chile was among the ten exclusive tariffs in ODCE countries With a new price up to $ 1.8, Chile's growth will be on top of the previous level autonomous countries.

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