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Most argue of Argentina's diagnostic drinking wine "Moderate"


Four Argentin doctors recommend moderating wine in three and completely presented it completely, after a recent investigation, presented in the International Congress with a proposal presented and developed by Racaro Lopez Sunni. Who is shown,.

Studies, diabetes of 745 Argentina, 671 heart surgery, 18 patients in internal medicine, 17 common functioning and 36 other features, which have been presented in the World Congress of Congressional Congress, were approved by the Argentine Fedition in the month of May. The Tajiks (FAC) and the Council's Residence have been approved by the Council of Ethics in Canada's investigation.

Results are primarily because they are completed with data provided by the Canadian and Uganda vendors, which have also been conducted on evolutionary health on the effects of alcohol.

According to the World Health Organization (WFP), the daily style of probiotics (standard drinking unit) suggested by a proportion of alcohol, is approximately 10 grams of wine, 100 Milkers, a glass of wine equal to alcohol. There is a glass of 250 or glass of 30 million liters of glass.

In addition, according to the measures the difference in the quality is different: the differences between metabolism, two OBC men and one day for women are recommended for women.

Regarding the mental consideration of moderate alcohol, 71 percent of the dictors in the country think moderate cough is beneficial for "evolutionary health", although the effect of half (36%) state is especially affected. " with the. "

In addition to this, 24% (179/737) understands that "the attribute of someone is harmful", the remaining remaining 5% (37/737) were other opinions.

The result of the study is that four detectors recommend the diagnosis of three patients, while they completely show up.

Wine-conditioning use establishes a cleaner risk, as per the diabetes, it is due to more than 200 patients who estimate 3.3 million Marines each year. " Oil Lopez Santa.

Nevertheless, mineral and moderate deposits have not been "known as a health threat", and it is associated with the special condition of alcohol, "prevent permanent illness such as illness, diabetes and cancer."

"A second look: On one side, the heart of use may cause harm due to many heart, poison and heart failures, when dry foods, especially red wine, show evidence of less people. Coronary disease illnesses, "he said.

And he continued: "It was given to consideration, especially after the study published in the 90s which analyzed the French diet, with less presence of coronary heart disease, compared to much of the fat content and expectations."

"It is known as & # 39; Francesco Parks & # 39; s alcohol and is standardized and regularly used, so it is estimated that drinking wine twice a quarter of 200 weeks is suitable for men, and half women For, he said.

Differences were consulted in the designation of the dancers, Loop San Santi told that Encyclopedia "An Answer for Study" which was next to Canada Aden Barcch.

"More than 80 percent of the doctors said that they are not satisfied with the information of international consumer guidance and said that they are very upset, and 10 say they do not know them directly."


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