Monday , July 4 2022

Nelson Tapia, please be happy about her mistake in Barcelona


The last day of Nelson Tapia has become quite hectic. For general history of these dates and many passages, decided to move to this house. And not inside of the moon.

Former Goalkeep sketches are ready to be considered as a coach of Bakkar in Ecuadorian Barcelona, ​​a few days ago and will get annihilation of the year parties.

"This is a great opportunity, which I can not be allowed to go, Barcelona Sport Club is one of the biggest south of the south, and I am very happy that they call me," he said in a conversation with La Cuarta.

It is not a new thing, because "Colony", a Guillermo Almaty coach, for a long time wishing to be French, who had been in France, had his knowledge on his guidance.

In fact, Ugly started his career as a year-old 2009 strategy in his country, and in 2015 the large number of Edward.

He said he was convinced to get a great goal, to be trusted on his people, and the first thing he had talked with Tapia could be in his staff. Nevertheless, that means that "Simpson" refused to leave Chile's Gadget and there was his reason behind.

"When he finished, I decided to stay here in Junior Furnace (sub-17) and I'm here. Now ask me and accept me. Why was not this first time? I felt that the National National Team was in I'm there there and I did not like it. "Olympic Olympic champion is a Joseph Medal.

And of course, moments are different. Today, the clan has passed away and his family, especially his wife, Ramszz, helped him now that he is likely to eat his food in the field.

"The former Catholic University's star said," These are the examples of being able to work, you should go ".

Nevertheless, it was not in Corsacia where Tapia was met with Alamada. It is certain that the owner of the globe has directed Nelson Tippia in this combination, distributing his career in Rengua.
"We joined in O H. Higgins in 1988, and at that time he was a good professor, so respect him so much," said the first goal.

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