Tuesday , July 5 2022

New Canada does not license licensed after the new positive jazz, a single FCC has gone from Los Angeles to UFCC 232.


A new positive dropping of Jon Jones, due to the US revolt, has been caused by a USSG 232 transfer from Los Vegas to Los Angeles to "A forum."

The Navada Athletic Commission Jones did not want to invest after it was positive, so the YC decided to do full work on Los Angeles, where California would license to fight with Jones to face Grahamfferson. War fighting

On December 9, a new positive test test of USSC Jazz has been reported, according to the USEFA and YCFC, a verbal Turinabol address the residence, which is "the least" Both sides were described only in Panagram.

An underwater nanoum is underneath and 12 grams of double grams of a gram will be placed, which is one billion, 00000000001 grams, because it is usually an example, because Jones's first wing is said to be a top-class Olympic In the pool

In the Las Vegas account of the Golden Knorr's Netshad, it successfully examined the same content, which included quantities like paggrams and NHD suspended for 20 games in the beginning of the season.

Tom Lawlier said that today it is said in North America that he had 17 pictures of Huttenna's endangered suspension of his performance in FCC, for which he was suspended for two years and was eliminated by the FCC.

USSD estimates that Manson has a similar content for which Jon Jones's test was held in his last war against Carrer in 2017 and suspended for 15 months, was a positive note. Along with that, there is no new punishment.

Although the USADA was accepted, during the actual positive and new positive period, the content in 7-day experience was not detected.

According to Vice President of the Atlas Health and the EFC Chelsea, the amount of money in shopping was merely a paragram, and it has also been said that there are other other games that are looking at cases like Jones, where there are many positive experiences. Negative and again another positive.

Notices have mentioned that December 9 to June June 9 to Tests, Jones had four disadvantages.

Although alongside, the Neighborhood Atomic Commission asked to speak in January to inquire about the war which they did not want to license the war for the war. This commission allows the permission to remove its license application so that it may apply to license in California.

California State Commission sought for a quick-hoping examination at Jones, which was approved on Saturday, and was awarded the previous Champions license, where a FCC event moved to L. Ann.Allison's event.

Kallis Colony was where Jones originally asked for a positive trial and few days ago Jones to enter the secondary diving program and they refused.

In a statement, the New York Commission said that:

"Today, with the recommendation of the New York State Atlantic Commission and its Executive Director, Bob Bennette Commissioner, Antony Martin III, suggests that Jonas will be allowed to appeal for his waiting for a license to apply for a license. In the month of November in New York. After the JS's last 18 months' enhancement analysis in competition with and competing in the USADA, Principal Bennon, Commissioner Marnel and Jones agree that he will be in January. "

Despite everything, Juniet Josh Sunday night defended the night in a small press conference in Dana White Las Vegas:

"I did not hear anything about John Jones on the path of war war, nothing. Tomorrow a plane stopped and immediately a diving test. When I want to press a press conference for two months, it is impossible. It is difficult to get jones, now it's ready to do everything, so my jokes are clean, ready to think, and I think he's right thing. "

The Deal was quick to decline the carrier, the whole and half of the USSF Champions League was announced in the network, yesterday with the "United Nations Cricket" of the USA, Jeff Jefferson, California and the California Council. It is said that "Tornabolic Steroid in a Olympic Pool 18 months later, Jones took a positive test.



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