Tuesday , May 17 2022

Nuno's special Juno boat captured an impressive "Dragon Eye" between Jupiter Clouds Technology


At the end of October there was a spaceship Juno NASA managed to capture two spectacular images from the atmosphere of the planet Jupiter, in which "Dragon Eye" a a "Cosmic Dolphin".

As the space organization has stated in detail in its statement, the photographs were taken by a ship on Oct. 30. At present, the mission is circulating around the largest planet in the solar system.

In detail, Juno, at the moment of capturing the images, was 7000 millimeters from the clouds of Jupite, in what was her 16 years of age near the place.

Juno | NASA
Juno | NASA

According to the report of scientists Sean Doran and Gerald Eichstädt, The "dragon eye" is actually an anticillonic storm, in which the wind from the outer edge blows in the opposite direction as the amount of air circulating.

On his side, Doran shared in his Twitter account an image of what looked like a dolphin floating over cloud cloud Jupiter, a similar phenomenon in its atmosphere.

However, NASA explained that this is not the first anticyclonic phenomenon that appeared on the planet, because the figure captured on September 6 showed a similar structure in the southern hemisphere of a solid body.

It should be noted that Juno was introduced in 2001 to discover new information about Jupiter that is related to its origin and overall structure. This work has been done since 2016 when the ship arrived.

Although the work was due to be completed in early 2018, the North American unit expanded its operations until 2021.

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