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Postal improvement, important in telecom


Due to the epidemic, millions of people around the world are now working, using digital tools, to adopt a model that, if it had not been for those conditions, would have had a long time to work on a wider scale of work.

Telecom, whether in a systematic or partial way, has definitely come to stay, with the growing acceptance of companies and employees.

However, its benefits, such as family peace, reduced travel, reduced traffic and pollution, and time-saving, can have a negative impact on remote work health; Or worse. Distribution of work distribution.

The results can be: from musculoskeletal injury or impairment, to visual and mental fatigue and toe stiffness, dizziness, contractions, low back pain and tendonitis, according to specialist ergonomics and occupational hazards.

In this context, 55% of the participants surveyed claimed to have known or known of the company’s workspace for the design and construction of workspace activities, including the use of inappropriate furniture during telework appealing associated with musculoskeletal problems and problems. General Chat Chat Lounge

This firm ( is part of the Spanish Distance Work Observatory (OTaD), an initiative aimed at expanding the remote work model part tree that protects workers and companies, and helps in a cohesive way. General Chat Chat Lounge New labor realities and greater flexibility and performance.

A healthy home office

An important issue in the configuration of the “home office” is the selection of certified chairs and tables, but factors such as lighting, ventilation, environmental conditions, active intervals and ation changes must also be taken into account. According to Soledat Berbegal, consultant and director brand reputation. Of Actiu.

“We know that movement stimulates creativity and improves productivity. If the user can move freely, it means that their organs are activated, their fatigue, effort and tension are reduced, while at the same time they will be more productive and productive, always keeping the body and mind healthy. With the aim of. Get out. Barbigal.

Experts tell Efe that taking care of health and body condition during long work hours is extremely important.

“For this reason, it is important to adjust the working day, plan schedules, including specific breaks, which aim to promote body movement,” as he points out.

Burbigl emphasizes adding active activities, that is, short breaks of a few minutes during which long exercises and muscles and joint movements occur, and various workouts during the workday in the ‘home office’, mental overload and To avoid physical.

Also consider that the choice of furniture is decisive.

“A proper table and chair are essential to the work and those who work for the standards and regulations of durability, ergonomics, durability and safety, apply to office furniture; they are to be used on a regular basis for professionals.” Goal ”, he points out.

According to studies and experts in ergonomics, it is recommended that this ‘home office’ furniture is designed and ured to respond to body movement.

Berbigall points out that there are work chairs that “care about the back and forth, which apart from offering good plumbing support, wider sets, armrests, and rotation, have come up with sensible answers that ‘understand’. And understand ‘. Adaptation of user movements and their integration, their shape, size, inclination and torch ”.

There are also working folding, lifting and mobile tables, which have a height support system, which does not require electricity and operates via a button that activates gas pistons, climbs or descends to work. Controls, allowing work to alternate. Standing and sitting, and facilitating movement, “he points out.

Director of Innovation at the Valencia Institute of Biomechanics (IBV), Rosa Porker, points out that the “home office” as a regular task, has to comply with all requirements and business risk impacts. , It directly affects the health of the furniture and labor directly. “

Ergonomics of remote work

Using ergonomic furniture and moving and stopping exercises prevent active pain, according to activists.

They pointed out that a suitable chair and tables for telework are those that are comfortable and maintain a proper position.

The furniture should allow the teleworker to keep their head up, their ears erect and their back straight, with their eyes directed at the directors, according to this particular firm.

In addition, they suggest that the hands and feet should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees in the sitting posture (arm, thigh with respect to the arm, leg respect), with the hands resting firmly on the hands and feet. General Chat Chat Lounge The floor or a toe.

They also recommend that the chair has a mobile base so that you can try it with your feet and not your feet.

When doing telecommunications at home, the monitor should be in the center of the line of sight, the reading material should be easily accessible, and the light should be accurate and moderate, as indicated.

Berbiggles adds, for its part, that “light, naturally possible, is a key element of production in the” home office “, that it brings better, more creative, and more creative work. And facilitate the development of useful tasks. General Chat Chat Lounge

It also emphasizes the importance of having the proper devices that facilitate the correct state of the body, for example, a screen that allows you to straighten your backpack and keep your eye on the straight line. , At a lower height instead of a today laptop or laptop. Forces the neck to tilt.

“The screens, keyboards and the elements or elements that are necessary for the work must be kept at a proper distance from the body to ensure comfort,” he adds.

“Proper digital tools allow working remotely, staying connected most of the time with colleagues, using shared content platforms and holding video conferences effectively”, concluded Berbigal.

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