Sunday , July 3 2022

RAGE 2 annoyes us with a special feature with Christmas in a comedy video


That day, it is likely that in your homes, your neighbors, family deficit etc., you hear the same year in the same year. The English is also the only song and one of them is famous "Children's birthday", Which would like to create a DVD and a beta Your own makeup With breath 2

That's why they are published New video With the game It's a complete comedy In which the letter has changed to destroy it and to process the process that "Argentine Day"

So according to the letter, see the enemies of the enemies, enemies of mutants, slaughtered, wrath attacks, lost numbers and more. So what will this Christmas-based Optopic survive for the living people of the world It does not seem to be peaceful

RAGE 2 will be sold at a price May 14 On Xbox One, PS4 and PC, a reward for the FSP award is going to reach the best of Great Punch, which will reach the next year.

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