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Rasmussen intends to restart in Carbonus and parliamentary members are unable to avoid accusations against Chadec. National


Recently assumed Director Director of Carbonus, Maria Secrets confirmed that he was working on the reinstatement of High Court and did not exit more generals. In addition, D.C. and Chile-Vasus-anti-opposition opponents were called "Sangin" and avoid being extradictory against the Minister Anjaz Chard.

With the order of compulsory carriers, General Markos acknowledged that the current situation of the current institutions is very important, primarily by millions of dollars of dollars, uniform police, aerial assault, and the results of the procedure ending with the death of police. Does. Maple Catrillanca.

Secrets of Carbon virus dominate the work and "the agencies are open".

General Director General Assistant to include whether his management will continue to be the Harmis Secretary, "to protect the rescue work," to protect the feeling of peace. "

"The idea is that now this order is going to be in this arrangement with me"

– Martin Rosa

Concerning his past relics, Rozas said that the former director told him to congratulate him on his meeting. The new option states that he was speaking to Saat, for his definition and said "Advice".

Additionally, a new bureaucrat of uniform police says he should be removed from more generals but he works on the construction of a high-ranking commander.

"The idea is to be administered this arrangement now and I hope to present the progress of the government as soon as possible." he said.

Establishment Balance United Nations Agency
Establishment Balance United Nations Agency

In addition to this, Newowa Media Minister's former Home Minister Andrees Chadovic was summoned, in order to assume the political responsibility that ended the death of Catrillanca community members.

It is possible for the Secretary to state that it is not possible for possible.

Deputy Commissioner of the Communist, Holocaust, said that for the registered events in Laarrhoria, the President should be responsible for the responsibility of the President, Home Minister and Home Minister and to be a political responsibility.

"There is a series of events in which the last political responsibilities, both the Interior Minister and President of the President, in general, I believe that we should continue to investigate, Public Prosecutor Officers and this Chamber of Investigation Said the opposition parliament.

"There is a series of facts that can get political responsibilities, the Home Minister of Home Affairs, President of Republic"

Hongo Guitareers

Lauremberg's Senator, Christian Democratic Francesco Hochichomela, confirmed that "all the states and deaths of museums are" because they have called "seriousness" to the left parliamentarians who are raising constitutional charges.

"Here any political sector can throw the first stone, all the government has passed and there are things of death, assembly, falsehood and things in different governments. So it seems to me that politics should be serious," he said.

"Here any political field can throw the first stone, all government has passed and there is a series of death, assembly, falsehood and things in different governments.

– French Hinchimilla

But Vice President of the Republican Revolution, Andesini asked his family interior, Andridge Chudkak to resign, and said that if this does not happen, they will analyze constitutional options in Parliament.

"In his job does not guarantee the office that it does not endanger the terrible and frightening situation," Parliament said.

Head of the National National Renewable Director, Official Leopollo Piazza, acknowledged that there is no constitutional accusation against Chaddok, so he hopes that the appeal will not succeed.

"The Parliamentary Parliament of the Matropolitan Territory states that" apparently no agreement will be made in all the benchs. " "

The documents published in the official Gazette, in which details of the removal of the Hermes guard, have been described in detail, through the Home Ministry, detail President President Piñera- ("former) general carbonate, Hermes", "Remember" to the "Sat" ".

According to the documentation – in the fourth paragraph – termination of the application has been validated "The situation in which the repayment of the pay-cycle carbohydrates requires a replacement control."

"In effect," the text of the series continues, "Chilean Carbers is likely to be related to prohibited actions." According to the report, the president is removed from the need of "present leadership in the new leadership (in administration)" to be able to cope with existing issues.

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