Tuesday , July 5 2022

Science is not guaranteed that Lausanne protects against cancer


It is a very big belief that Luz Performance The wholeDifferent types of time are encountered Cancer (Between Building, Reiter, Prost, Pet, Watts, Freaks, others). But a science-based review team, not science science, can support it by means of the team of researchers of the University of Fiber University, researchers. You can not really or not.

An International Media Team for Food Security and Foodstuff in Nutrition and Foodstuffs, The result is that the current response that has been published, it is "untrue". "Being available, it can not be confirmed or certified that Lucen could create a protective effect."

They have expanded after reviewing the published results, they believe that data provide little confidence. "These observations are derived from the study, which is not permitted to establish direct contact relationships between the benefit of cancer and the risk of Cancer." There are no more strict studies.

Lensen's oceanies and other parts of the world are eaten for thousands of years and have been credited with precious treatment since ancient times. In fact, the organizational component that has been converted into doctors, which has attributed various antigonal or anti-heritage characteristics, how to do them.

Cancer is a number of factors, with life and especially diet. And the main causes of death is logical to see simple ways to stop. "It is not permissible to blame the property of Lucy's cancer."

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