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"Sincerely Shaitan": Ted Bundy's story, supporting the movies that kills women


"A common human", "education" and "Galilee", was some of the features that Robert Douglas Bundy, became an awesome role in the American era. Zac Efron has a series of new movies and yet Netflix, where his testimony is shown.

Before eradicating for 36 weapons writer, Bundy led a common "life". He was born in Bornington, USA and his grandfather was born by the pastor. In the 4-year-old age it was known that he was not his parents, as the date of history.

During his shortcase, Ted He tried to capture animals and to torture them, in general. However, on one occasion, on your aunt, Julie Nour, many of the clothes of the clothes came out of a snake, and there was little smile on the bed. They are the first warranties that are presented.

Later she was staying with her mother in her childhood He started using this class, to make this content a seat. As he described his psychiatrist before killing him, it would have affected the evolution of his psychological behavior.

"Get into this stage, for a while, my experiences are usually pornographic, but pornography that offer to a high level of violence. Once you have started it all together, with all the powerful content you start with more powerful thingsMore clearly, more graphic. Wherever you reach where you are Pornography is so disturbed that you start thinking about what it really means to be"Has been told by Washington Post.



Despite his first obstacles, Bundy Washington's University of Commerce and his patronage notes noticed for his abilityIn the trakma Analyze the Law and Psychology By ordering During this process, he met a 21-year-old British Brigade with whom he had a conflicting relationship.

His first offense

On January 4, 1974, Ted worked in an 18-year university university room One table was hit with a liver and then a piece of wood collapses. Save the victim, but with the loss of permanent brain.

A month later, Bundy made his second attack, at the time of a psychological student, whose There was a mountain near the rest camp. After this, it is estimated that the card is near 8 murder. At that time, the police had already been convicted.



Man They have used false falsehoods to deceive different types of vagors and their sacrifices And to catch them to the place of capturing them for their sins although he was moved to Colorado in 1975, He killed at least six dead.

During that period, the media began distributing the image of the killer, which they were called "Shaitan was rejected in Shaitan".


This year, the police took a police station on August 16, when it was running, intended to test their license only. However, the topic escaped for your account and increased the complaint. After arrest, Offers a table desk, hand hacks, tapes, and other things that are working to prove their proof of getting started.

This was the time when he condemned him for the long list of these crimes. "I have met with people who are dangerous … (…) His face expresses that I am afraid of you. They invite the mischief (…) the hope to be wound, encourages extremism? "In his letter he had described that he was staying away from the prison.



Finally, on January 24, 1989, Beni Bundy was executed in the electronic chair, but before he did not try to try all the efforts to get rid of those people. In that time, Provided the authorities to help find out other serial killers.

On his last day, Ted called his mother on the phone and did not want to eat. The morning he died in the morning 7:16.

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