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Social Networks and Messengers: PDI Statistics Shows Schemes and Frauds | National


Epidemiology, wandering and ignorance in the use of technology are, in part, the factors that explain the rise of cybercrime. In addition to waking up on WakingTown, between January and August of this year, 57% of the complaints received by the civilian police were through the Internet. New criminal cases have also emerged, such as the WhatsApp kidnapping and false offers on the net, which have been closely followed by the Metropolitan Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Brigade.

Read a message via the WhatsApp: “Be it possible you can lend me 100,000 pesos and I’ll pay you as soon as I block my card.” The recipient of the text noticed something strange in the request and was heated. Without knowing it, I’ve been having a scam gameGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Going undone reveals a new criminal fact that is happening: Between January and August 2021, according to data from the PDI Metropolitan Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Brigade. 57% of frauds and fraud-related frauds are reported through the InternetGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

And that is why the spread of epidemics and the use of technology have been crucial factors for cyber criminals to expand their networks. Suburfactor Louis Orlena, chief of the Metropolitan Cyber ​​Crime Investigative Brigade, explained, “The activities that people perform physically and daily are remotely moving.

By breaking the numbers, they shed light on the dangerous increase in the commission of these crimes. For example, if 5,649 complaints were made through the web scheme in 2019, that number was 7,266 in 2020, Which translates to a whopping 28.6%General Chat Chat Lounge

This year, between January 1 and August 31, there were 7,396 complaints received by the PDI, a significant number from 2020 to 2020 and 2019. ) generated that the cyber criminals took on these weaknesses and started to commit more and more crimes, “Aurellana adds.

In detail, online scams often occur on websites and social networks. However, they were included in the instant message, with strong voice, according to the PDI data: Through 341 complaints via chat in 2019, between January 1 and August 31, 2021, the number rises to 965.
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But there are also cases by telephone. Cell phones, messaging and landline leads. “The scope of the market has grown so as to be able to pinpoint the criminals’ appeal with everything that is internet platforms or instant messaging or telephones of any kind,” the sub-province added.

Of the above, one that has grown tremendously in recent years is messaging. You’ve received a text message from a bank that you do not belong to reporting a blocking card. CH, W, crime calculated in this way from 208 in 2019 to 1,235 years after the first eight months.

The profile of these cyber criminals is different in relation to the crimes they commit. More sophisticated, science-specific instructions are assumed in the areas of computer scienceGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

WhatsApp Abduction

PDI’s Metropolitan Cyber ​​Crime Brigade analyzes new developments that have occurred with widespread penetration of the Internet and networks. one of them , “WhatsApp Abduction“.

How does it work Individuals receive a number of messaging applications – various verification codes, access to personal information – through various frauds. All of this to get money from family or friends in case of an emergency. Of these cases, the PDI handled 608 complaints between January and August 2021.

But there are also “There are offers“This includes coordination, through social networks, for the sale of products or services to be acquired. It is intended that the potential client pay a portion or the provision for the offense.

These new methods are extensively monitored by PDI. The media are different, as the “false executive” also refers to it. In simple terms, this is an individual who is presenting as an officer of a national bank and is trying to get the bank’s keys. 278 complaints have been recovered for this type of scheme.

In addition to investigating this type of crime, the Metropolitan Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Brigade, which works Saturday with the N21W, YD, Communities, can work to normalize new ways of operating criminal groups.General Chat Chat Lounge

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