Sunday , July 3 2022

Strong Strengthening Users on Line 1 Survey User: No restriction from a ban on a cantango


Earlier this morning in the morning, at the Regas Station, 9 morn earlier, moved Matero Metro to the surface. At the moment, the reports are loud about the passengers, but it is unclear.

That is why, MetroStanden announced to accelerate linear service between St. Sebago and Universe de Santago. Therefore, in a section of the row, now, works only between Central Station and Los Dominos.

There was no intimidation

Additionally, the company was not allowed to take the opportunity that the situation was a war between the waves. The primary information states that morning is 8:53 AM In the direction of the West a train started carrying a separate cable When it passed through the field of the Task Office, the power strip creates and the material expires. There is no injury at all.

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