Sunday , July 3 2022

The tide and display of good news to live in London in the middle of the Congo Kandoo Saeeda.


For the first time Andrew Archaeiie, who wished to be goodbye in TV, challenged the news, and now the news of the newsletter hosted by Consuelo Saeedra, which has said goodbye on the television station.

Journalists, offered for their occupation, departed to the State Station, London traveled to London with his family, until September in September.

The above mentioned her husband's new professor Challenge, former finance minister, Andres Welesco, who was the public policy of the London School of Stock of Policies (LSE) as the Institute of Dawn.

It is in the scene that the end of the broadcast is broadcast 24 hoursIt was inspiring to talk with a video in which he had spent several different programs of the TVN, and his work cart gave Gonzős Ramzes' two-balloon flowers, which gave him a lot of courage.

"My point is that it is important for a public TV to run, for democracy, pluralism, to represent the point of view of all people," he said.

"I am a part of this journey, friends, incredible professors, and as I said, pride and privilege, entertainment with the people with information, many years have been done through TVN. A human group who changes, mischief Yes, but it is always shirts and is extraordinary, which is capable of leaving, but it has been pleasant for all the years as well as happiness and kindness. "Press the journalists, commented that she asked him not to shoot on the screen.

Clothing / TVs

Clothing / TVs

After that, Ramzan hoped him for success and said: "It is very happy to work with you and we are very happy, you are making a beautiful, familiar project." Successfully and forever, Saeeda ".

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