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The verbal and masculine surgery unit of the hospital's diabetes interrupted 300 in the first year of their activity.


A hotel from the oral surgery room is Magol Angle Buda and Nurses Inns آرریزج.

More than 1300 counselors suggested that the movement of patients to PIPPON's POR

Tendered, 24 December 2018

The oral and macrophysel surgery unit of the Renaissance Sofia de Tudella Hospital, with approximately 300 outpatient local surgery operating local anesthesia, and approximately 1,300 consultations in your first year. One unit, one year ago, to provide medical assistance to the river, after which, to reach this service, to travel to the Complex Hospital (CHN) Complex in Pamamuna / Ayana.

Generally asked for the Health Department to strengthen the unit, which is offered in verbal and microscopic welding, Maggly Engel Buda; Two Nurses, Navs Argie and Sonia Ruiz; and a lawyer, Jose Luis Guzzez . From now on, for the addition of Anel Ville's Voice Chancellor, this unit will run in the month and two months of the month.

Balance 2018

During this year, during the year 2018 attended 548-day tours and 680 successively in verbal and microphysical surgery services, and interfered with 300 verbal surgery from Sleep Collection, Fibroard or Small Gum Gum. among others. "The balance in this first year can not be more positive", the magnified angul badge. "The patient will demonstrate his happiness for traveling to Pimpluna to solve his health problem," he said.

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