Sunday , July 3 2022

They are & # 39; indispensable & # 39; The gift shows that the lady gave her children and the society was against the original principles


Early Today, Dana's former owner has been exposed to revealing unread details of Mary L. Dy's life. It was in the documentation The arguments that are serving: Inside Who ignored the Wales' tradition of the Today's Day, it is witness that she was not a prince in the royal family.

The details are to be noted about those days, diana kids, princesses and heroes belong to heroes. The storyline was a personal protector of Lady's Day, sometimes asking him to buy pornographic magazines and special reasons.

"Diana Triple used to ask me to buy X Magazine, her intention William and Harry both were to learn from women. I thought she would be good to see other women"Said bartle.

According to La Vanguardia website, Diana's idea was for the children to learn about sex and women, while still young. That is the reason, according to Paul, they will not be separated from the problems that are the age and status of the youth, the members of the royal family can be lost.



"Lady Diego's baby was developing her nicely in front of her, so I often asked him to buy and buy news"Add a snap to the document.

Although they wanted to make those gifts a part of the best dana, they wanted that their loved ones usually wanted to live, prevent them from buying this type of pornography, so that About sex in front of them Apart from this, for the royal princess, it was more than the prototools to see three triplex magazines, which their mother gave them.

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