Saturday , October 1 2022

They carry the lungs of the smoker and die of cancer


Patient s cystic fibrosis died, v France, two years after being transplanted smoker's smoker,

According to Noticieros Televisa, the specialized Lung Cancer magazine reported that in 2015, doctors They decided to do it transplantation, although it was reported in the database that the lungs belonged to a woman who was 57 years old and smoked a cigarette daily for 30 years.

"According to medical oncologists at the University Hospital in Montpellier, France, when donors died, no anomalies were reported, and later it was discovered that in 2017 the victim died lung cancer no treatment option "is described in detail in the paper.

"Cancer quickly accelerated because of the immunosuppressive treatment the patient received to avoid rejection of her new lungs," the doctors explained.

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