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They have discovered that the cause of substances is a disease


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Updated on 12/24/2018 – 14:48

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Medical, 12/24/2018 (The People Online) – Three studies have been investigated by the University of Universities and Oxford University (UK) in Universities since examining the medical information of more than 220,000 men, claiming that there is a lot of scientific evidence that is due to the error of diabetes illness. . . Six thousand erectile dysfunction was experienced from 220,000 men. The result of the research has led to the overwhelming result of recent research results that is the result of a thorough evolutionary genitalization and further increases the risk of developing health risks.

"American Journal of Earnings" was studied, "The study was being used by the United Kingdom biobic data, the Toronto University and the Estimate Genome Center of Household." The researcher of the new generation of genes, researcher Diabetes and Enhanced complicated relationships can be strengthened as more than body weight. Therefore, they have seen that 2 types of diabetes were associated with the initial diagnostic diagnosis, evidence proves that diabetes can lead to mental problems.

In addition, some zealous experiences have run on diabetes, which are in line with the development of the Global Calculation Control in the beginning of evolution. This increases the risk of results to determine whether diabetes can affect the risk of temporary dum.

"Atmospheric disorders affect at least one person from above 60, but now it has a little bit to know about it. Our article has been shown that in the event of anxiety of 2 diabetes, the disease is associated with the disease. This means that if people can reduce their risk of diabetes through healthy procedures, they will also stop developing non-erosion growth. "Author of the study and study of the Anna Erie University University.

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