Wednesday , October 5 2022

They point to a conflict between President Panera’s: interests plan


This Sunday, the journalistic research site Cypriot Chile included a precedent for the complex moment from which President Panera is passing And its role in the sale of the Dominga Mining Company: The Magnetic Project.

This name also signifies One mining investment, most notably an Iron and Scandium project involving 14 holdings Located 10 km southwest of Villanar.

Year 2010, Magnet Project was sold to a $ 13 million investment fund. This fund includes the FIP (Private Investment Fund) Mediterráneo, an example in which Piñera Morel participated., Like Carlos Delano. Both, let’s remember, have been questioned or sold by the Dominga Mining Company through a tax haven in the British Virgin Islands.

The point is that by 2010, President Panera was already in charge of the government for the first time and the seller of the Amin project has appeared as Arnold del Campo Arias, who was appointed by the president a few months ago in Anami as its representative., A state-owned company dedicated today to promoting small- and medium-sized mining.

According to Ciper, there is an opening Conflict of interests, Because alone “Pinera Morales participated in the purchase of a mining project whose preliminary negotiations are in line with the appointment of a qualified seller to represent President Panera in the same category on the Board of Directors of the Public Company.