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"True", which said about Wheelch Marilya Sammamer Guillalamam, about Ashra's witch.

Author: Gullalamam Team Team, December 11, 2018

A commentary issued by Maryland Sautimier, especially for the journalist's specialist assistance.

More than a week's evolution was weeks ago. His beloved father was immediately shifted to the hospital to investigate a serious condition. And, at the same time, she was fired from the lake.

In the counting of Maryland, contacted the contact with the big story in the morning, she was added to a lucky person. The exterior from the interviewer was published and published by Van.

This sophisticated sutmaker, because she hoped that later on, on the perimeter of this screen, and the showcase crew made him a goodbye.

"I am being punished in such a situation very difficult," he said yesterday morning that he knew diesel in the morning.

At the same time, he spoke through the public channel, the Speech Chair in Intruders was the official version of the program.

Alley "Marilya Sommeror talked on a different channel, and Malael, our partner, must have said that, she decided to divide her agreement by 2019. It was told that Monte was told on Tuesday.

"On Tuesday, none of us did not even think it was taken to the press. In fact, Maryland did not come to the program, not because of that decision, but instead she asked for her father with the.

"And it is true that these things are very interesting in Lauree, and she was with her father, who had suffered a lot of time, and we thought she was still with many health problems.

"Then what? It has been filtered on Thursday, during the program. Our boss sends us a link, we have to speak with traders and decide which channel we had taken." As a team, every one, panelist, driver, who was learning.

"We do not have any idea. And, in fact, we thought that Mary came in the afternoon, and it was wasted for the month of the month and made it a good one, told us that it was in the meantime. Because she is not causing her bad performance, because she told him in another place.

"She is due to history, since 2019, we are going to be less, because the television industry is everywhere complicated." The same horse went to Chile, and we hid the attack. We have fewer people on the air. That's it, there's nothing to hide there.

"Sadly, Maryla decided that, we had officially known today, she would not be able to return. So, we would not be able to spare a airplane.

"It is also understood, we understand, because she remains through any personal matter that is more than any bridge work. We understand that it is important for you to be with your family because it is important We have two hands, they also have other jobs.

"But you, what do you know us wanted to tell you the truth, because usually the weeding people began to wash badly, say that we betrayed him, in no case. These things are in this industry. "

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